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Several guilty of armed robbery, rape

Four armed robbers have been found guilty at the end of a jury trial at the Criminal Court “D”, Temple of Justice, after they allegedly victimized dozens of people in separate attacks against residents of Monrovia and Paynesville between 2013 and 2014.

Defendants named in the indictment were Christopher George, Mark Agynah, Tuss Andrew and Prince Zoe, excluding one of their colleague co-defendants, Kesselly Mulbah, who was granted severance trial in 2014.

They were indicted on June 25, 2015 for armed robbery and rape, following their arrests at separate times and locations.

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They allegedly executed the crimes in the 72nd, Soul Clinic and Duport Road Cow-field Communities of Paynesville, using weapons such as knives to execute their missions,  allegedly making away with several valuables and cash in US and Liberian Dollars, as well as additionally raping some of their victims in the commission of the crimes.

Some victims claimed to have lost items valued at US$12,342.00 and LD$80,000, while others put the values of their losses to US$475 and LD$6,000.00.

The indictment contained claims that two victims-  Eric Massaquoi and Varney Logan, sustained injuries from rounds of fire arms discharged by the defendants, while allegedly armed robbing a businessman on the 72nd Broad Street identified as Morris Dweh, among others.

Other victims of the armed robbery attacks include Moses Blojeh, Sylvester Varmie, Esther Stevens and Omar Keita.

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The defendants voluntarily admitted to the commission of the crimes during the trial, and begged the Criminal Court “D” for mercy.

Co-defendants Massaquoi and George told the court that they would no longer repeat such act during testimonies.

Police investigators, who testified for the state, had said that the defendants committed the crimes of armed robbery and rape.

The court is, however,  expected to make its ruling in the case.

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