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Sinoe Dev. Projects Stalled

Documents in the possession of this paper suggest that several projects financed by the County Development Funds of Sinoe have been abandoned. According to the documents, a company identified as the New Venture Inc., a company  owned by the Senior Senator of Sinoe County, was contracted to do the projects.

The projects include the Sagbeken public School rehabilitation valued at US$15, 00, 00, Voobedee School construction valued at US$45,000, Plandialebo Town Hall valued at US$15,000, as well as the Fencing of the Soccer Field valued at 84,000 and Biliborkree City Hall valued at US$20,000, among others.

According to a communication from the Project Management Committee Chaired by Mr. Bedjue Macculay the projects given to the New Venture Inc., were expected to have completed within 90 days commencing on the date of the signing of the contracts, May 7,2008.

Senior Senator Mabutu Nyepan, who allegedly owns the company, reportedly used his connection as senator and chairman of the legislative caucus to stall every attempt by the county officials to prosecute the company.

The Assistant Superintendent for Development, Joseph Jah wrote Senator Nyepan complaining about the embarrassment his company had caused the entire local administration of the county, something, he alleged that the Senator  disregarded.

“Look as we speak, no projects that we’re talking about is yet to be finished and the terrible thing about it is  that we funded every one of the project,” he said.

When Senator was contacted via mobile phone, he promised to call the next day for clarity, but refused the next day to answer his phone.

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