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Teachers Touch Generations, and Make All Other Profession Possible

It is embarrassing to hear some of the derogatory comments been madeconcerning our teachers. I know that there are some teachers who arenot qualified, but I believe that the process of taking them from the class room should be done in a dignified manner.

There are increasing concerns from many persons in our societyregarding the conflict in our education sector. When you talk withpeople, they are all concern but want to get involved. As a teacher myself, I am concern to write this article calling on allteachers to continue to uplift the teaching profession and exerciserestraint. No matter what the situation, please remember yourprofessional obligations.

This may be a difficult period for you, but there will be better days. Your behavior both in and out of the classroom shows the kind ofpeople you are, and what you want the students to emulate.

My fellow teachers let’s continue to dialogue on issues and work forquality education. Many times our efforts are not recognized throughthe great service we make, but let’s continue to put the students atforefront of all we do.

Teachers, please understand that the power to turn this country on thepath of quality education and lift the status of the noble teachersprofession lives with us. We make engineers. We me accountants, wemake all professions possible, but we get or no recognition or applaud, and many times work under very difficult conditions. The teacher is a hero.

By Hester Williams-Catakaw

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