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The Cyber-ED Christian School nightmare

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The traumatic and unfortunate incident on Tuesday morning 13 April 2021 on the campus of the Cyber-ED Christian School of Excellence in the Sophie’s Ice Cream community in Congo Town that saw a male student Jovanus Oliver Turay inadvertently discharged a live bullet that instantly killed a female student, Precious Ireland, would not just remain with that institution for some time, but other school campuses across Monrovia and parts adjacent.

This is a rare occurrence on school campuses in Liberia, unlike in the United States and other western countries where such incident is a commonplace.
And so, the administration, students and parents of the Cyber-ED Christian School are still absorbing the shock and trauma experienced on Tuesday that led to blood spilling on campus and the death of a student, while having breakfast in readiness to go to class. The victim was also a daughter of one of the parents of the school.

As the Liberia National Police investigates the incident, one fundamental question that requires urgent answer is how did suspect Jovanus Oliver Turay, 16, acquired the fire arm he took on campus on that fateful day, which ended the life of a female colleague, rather unfortunately? Is it something that he had been bringing to school or carrying in public prior to the incident? If not, who allows him access to fire arm?

Our heart goes out to parents of the late Student Precious Ireland, for the irreparable lost they sustained. It is too painful and unbearable! It was very sudden and unexpected that a beloved daughter of theirs who had her entire life ahead of her full of dreams just abruptly terminated in the manner that it happened.

But then this is life. Nothing is so sure one hundred percent despite all of the precautionary measures we may take, including planning and preparing for a brighter future. As the Holy Bible reminds everyone, only the Creator, Almighty God, has the final approval. When He says yes, no mortal being can reverse his decision.

The Ireland Family would have to accept the end of the brief chapter of their daughter, Precious, and move ahead, looking up to Jesus Christ for strength, for he is the great Comforter.

Friends of the late Precious Ireland and the entire student body of Cyber-ED Christian School of Excellence must accept the fact that she is not just no more a member of that institution but the whole human race.

On the other hand, counselors on campus and parents of suspect Jovanus Oliver Turay should go back and reflect what kind of child and student he has been. Has he been troublesome on campus, in class and at home? Who are his friends both at home and in school? What are his interests or hobbies?

Outcome of these queries could build a clue about the kind of character he is aspiring to become in the larger society. He may be charged, tried and sentenced, but this shouldn’t mean his end.

Jovanus needs to be de-traumatized and rehabilitated. As a minor, he should have all of the counseling therapies that are possibly available, because he himself is currently living with trauma, likewise his parents.

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