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The Ganta Bloody Violence: When Will We Ever Learn?

The Liberian Government, through the Ministry of Justice, is currently investigating the September 30, 2015 ‘bloody violence’ that occurred in the commercial city of Ganta in Nimba County.

The government’s intervention follows last Wednesday’s bloody unrest by angry residents – predominantly commercial motorcyclists, in what is clearly a revenge attack for the death of a colleague. Three persons are being held in connection with the death of the late motorcyclist – Melton Wehgbay, whose corpse was found near the United Methodist Mission.


Other than the massive looting, vandalizing, as well as arson attack, among others characterizing the violence, at least one person was reportedly mobbed to death.


The streets of Ganta – near the Liberia’s northern border with neighboring Guinea remain almost deserted, with business centers partially opened, while the six-to-six curfew imposed by the government following the violent demonstration also remained enforced. More than 50-alleged perpetrators of the bloody violence are currently being held by the government for investigation.


While the government may be investigating, the continuous violent behavior of motorcyclists and others must be condemned beyond all descriptions without any sentiments.


As we sympathize with families and friends of those allegedly killed for rituals, the alleged perpetrators of the Gan6ta bloody violence must be made to “learn” the rule of law; they must also be made to understand that violence is neither the way to seeking redress from the Liberian authorities nor the solution to solving problems.


It would have caused the rioters no harm had they peacefully demonstrated to express their grievances to the authorities of Nimba.


But again, understanding the nature of most Liberian motorcyclists, that’s why Ganta made have gone amok last Wednesday.


One question that continues to remain unanswered is: when will we (Liberians) ever learn – as if we have not enough destruction in Liberia through violence?


If people knowingly continue to ignore the rule of law (even if they may be right) to pursue certain criminal agendas as the Ganta case may have been, they must be made to adhere to the rule of law.

We can only hope that the government, through the Justice Ministry, will expeditiously execute the investigate exercise and drastically deal with those who will be hooked for perpetrating last Wednesday’s bloody violence in Ganta through the court system.

We also urged the politicians – whether in Nimba or Monrovia, to stay away from politicizing or attempting any manipulation of this matter in any form and manner because of favor or support from the people of Nimba County and allow justice to prevail.

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