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The Grand Bassa-Nimba Re-play as a Bad Precedence

On Tuesday, January 12, 2016, officials of the Youth and Sports Ministry, Liberia Football Association, Protest Committee of the National County Sports Meet, as well as representatives of Grand Bass and Counties were locked up for hours at the Ministry of Youth and Sports for a common ground in the protest filed against Grand Bassa by Nimba following last Tuesday’s quarter final match of the “County

Meet” won by the former. 

Nimba had filed a protest against a Grand Bassa County for fielding a number of ‘illegal players’, including goalkeeper Daniel David. On Tuesday, January 12, 2016, a report  released by the Ministry of Youth and Sports suggested that the match between Grand Bassa and Nimba Counties would be replayed on today, Wednesday, January 13, 20016 at 3:30pm at the same venue – the Antoinette Tubman Stadium, south of Monrovia.. According to the report, both teams erred in terms of observing the rules of the game. But one thing I know is that one of the teams may have borne the greatest responsibility and rules of the game should have prevailed without any fear or favor. The reason for the opinion is for precedence to be set so that come next year or the year after, no county would knowingly violate the rules and under-estimate the capacity of the organizing committee of the National County Sports Meet to act (in consonance with the rules of the game). But to strike a balance for a replay of the match only because the government, through the Ministry of Youth and Sports, wants to uphold the objectives 9including unity) of the annual sporting festivities,

is a very bad precedence being set – bad precedence because reference will always be made to the current decision by the committee in the event wherein there are stalemates in future matches. One would have actually thought that other than compromising in such manner and form, the rules should have applied to whoever – Grand Bassa or Nimba, may have had the greatest responsibility. But to
decide that the game be replayed is not reflective of the rules of the game, and does not even serve the purpose of the County Meet. This is just a simple reason why it is very difficult for true national onciliation in Liberia. The issues of interests, fear, as well as favor, among other sentiments, other than restoring values in our society no matter what happens, continue to over-ride progress toward national reconciliation. Our inability to be truthful to our consciences in addressing issues of national concern continues to strangulate national healing, and if we continue on such compromising path, such unity will elude us as a people. Perhaps, as a result of interests and sentiments, it may have been very difficult to tell Nimba County they were wrong or Grand Bass County, they were wrong in whatever protest action, and to certifify both parties as a compromising decision, the two teams had to play on today, January 13, 2016 at 3:30pm. And the two teams should not even be happy about the decision because it is a bad precedence that they are also encouraging.  


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