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The Release of Charles Taylor – A Dream My Neighbor Had

The man came running to my house yesterday morning. His name is Samuel T. Y. Jacobs, a family friend and neighbor. He entered the living room where I was sitting and writing an article on the computer. He spoke and came close to the table. His facial expression indicated that he had something to share with me; that is, as our people would say, “Something caught his heart.”

I gestured for him to sit in one of the chairs around the table. He pulled it a few feet away and sat. My itchy ears were more than ready to listen to him, and he, too wasted no time in starting the narrative.

“Brother Paul,” he commenced, “Last night, I had a dream that I wish to share with you.”

“Really? Go ahead. What’s the dream?” I urged.

“In my dream,” he continued, “a group of people assembled at the premises of the International Court in The Hague. Many others, including me, were in the Court room where the verdict in the Charles Taylor trial was to soon be announced. Everyone anxiously anticipated the decision.”

His little son that came with him looked at me and looked at his father and giggled for no apparent reason. He then began to scratch his father’s little beard hanging on his chin like some soap foam. The father and I laughed. He removed his son’s hand and repositioned himself to continue the narration.

“Among those to announce the verdict were two women. One was standing, and the other was sitting almost under the one standing. After awhile, the woman sitting said, ‘Charles Taylor is free. The man is free.’”

Mr. Jacobs paused and gazed at me. I straightened myself in my chair and extended my neck like a duck and asked, “And? What happened next?”

“Instantly, there was an outburst of jubilation in the Court room and other places. Taylor’s non-guilty verdict was greeted with relief and happiness. During that period, I once gain found myself in Liberia, the heart of the non-stop jubilation that greeted Taylor’s release. People were dancing in the streets and in various communities. The various incidents that occurred in Liberia were even more interesting.”

“For example?” I enquired, wanting to know some of the specific incidents that he considered “interesting,” and as if he were one of the griots (special traditional storytellers) of West Africa, he didn’t disappoint me.

“It was like running stomach caught the whole Ellen government. Most of Taylor’s loyalists working in the government, including Mr. Lewis Brown, resigned. President Sirleaf called series of emergency meetings the same day. Some people stood in the open and asked, ‘what kinda business is this so?’”

He was getting excited in his narration, based on what he experienced in his dream, and I was more than ready to listen to him.

“Some people playing checker that they were almost winning excitedly told their opponents, ‘You na win me. Let’s end the game. Taylor is coming back to Liberia.’ Teachers giving tests told their students, ‘All of you will pass. Just take the test papers with you and go home. They have freed Taylor.’ Marketers at various markets didn’t know whether to pack and go home or not. Some of them told customers standing and looking at their goods, ‘Take anything you want and go. They say Taylor is coming again.’ Employees standing in line to receive their salaries from their employers told the employers, ‘You can take the money. They na release Taylor.’ Lone Star announced one-week free call for its subscribers.”

Mr. Samuel T. Y. Jacobs looked at his son and looked at me and continued, “Even Ellen herself was…”

To be continued…
Seriously, my people, aren’t these points to ponder?

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