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Truly, Monrovians Desire Mary Broh Again

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A once tidy-looking Monrovia and its environs which appeared very attractive because of the appreciable hygienic atmosphere, are again sinking into filths. At street corners, market places as well as schools, among others, garbage has completely taken-over, endangering the healthy sanitation of the environments.

“Celebrants” of such unsanitary conditions in Monrovia and its environs are disease-carrying flies, maggots, as well as other insects which breed faster during rainy season as we presently have at this time. Unfortunately, attempts by the Monrovia City Corporation or MCC and Paynesville City Corporation or PCC to have these conditions rectified have and continue, for the last four months, to be very unprogressive. Reason(s) for the weakness, if any, of the corporations are yet to be made public.

These unsanitary conditions have emerged about five months following the resignation of Mary T. Broh as lord mayor of the City of Monrovia, whose passion and uprightness on the job resulted to the cleanliness and organization of the municipality. The fact that Mary Broh was very effective and  efficient in executing the laws of Monrovia (ordinances) so much so that compliance later became less problematic among residents and the business community.

The passion, vigor and consistency which characterized Mary Broh’s management of the Monrovia City Corporation became a rewarding example for other city corporations across the country, especially Paynesville to subscribe to. That is why the PCC, residents and business community in the city experienced a very high level of transformation to the admiration of all, including President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf.

Regrettably,  all that Mayor Broh put into place that got Monrovia and its environs clean continue to fade away to the detriment of not only the safety of Monrovians, but frustration of those who admired and appreciated the achievements of the former Monrovia City Mayor as far as the positive outlook of the city was concerned.

About five months following the resignation of Mayor Broh, and with garbage now over-taking Monrovia, many continue to mourn the absence of the “no nonsense woman” when it came to ensuring a healthy city. Similar thoughts are also made about former City Mayor Patricia Reeves of Paynesville under whose management that the city hall (former town hall) and its immediate environs became very attractive. It is no secret that ‘knowing the kind of people we are’, Mary Broh is a must. It has even become a proven fact that Monrovians actually desires Mary Broh for the proper maintenance of Monrovia and its environs-no doubt.

While President Sirleaf’s appointment of new city managements for Monrovia and Paynesville may not be questioned, the weaknesses that may be characterizing their duties and functions may just be justifiably enough for the re-appointment of “General” Mary Taryennoh Broh and a strong mayor for Monrovia and Paynesville. With Mary Broh back as Mayor of Monrovia, a clean and healthy environment is assured. Truly, Monrovians desire Mayor Broh amid the unfolding developments.

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