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US$2.5m for ‘Boakai-Brumskine Ticket’

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US2.5m for Boakai BrumskineAhead of the 2017 Presidential and Representatives elections, variables are gradually inter-playing. Reported coalition talks between the ruling Unity Party and Liberty Party may just be one of such variables.

Credible sources within the Liberty Party hinted to this paper that a negotiating team has already been set up for the coalition talks to bring together Vice President Boakai of the Unity Party and Charles Brumskine of the Liberty Party.

The Boakai team, headed by the Movement for Boakai, has reportedly agreed to provide US$2.5 million to the Liberty Party for preparation purposes ahead of the presidential race. The information further detailed that the Brumskine team has reportedly received US$500,000 of the amount up front as a startup to properly set up county offices, and that the negotiating teams have also agreed to give out some key positions in government to the opposition party as a means of creating employment opportunities for its qualified partisans.

According to our sources, the remaining US$2 million will be delivered, following the close of the deal before the end of this year. Cllr. Brumskine is reportedly satisfied with deal. The Unity Party is expected to be the sole financier for the political campaign, while the Liberty Party is expected to provide campaign strategies for a successful election.

Meanwhile, other smaller parties are expected to join the Boakai-Brumskine political wagon for the 2017 elections. The deal is to allow Boakai to head the ticket, while Brumskine will become his running mate. But there are some executive members of the Liberty Party that are in total disagreement with the deal, our sources revealed. But their disposition is yet to be respected by the party’s political leader.

Negotiations between the Congress for Democratic Change of George Mannah Weah and the Liberty Party reportedly ended in deadlock.

The CDC is reported to have refused to relinquish the standard bearer position to Cllr. Brumskine. The Party vehemently objected the vice standard bearer position proposed to Brumskine by the CDC. Another attributing factor to the failure was the lack of funding, as the two parties reneged on who to finance the campaign exercises, claiming low financial income.

When the National Secretary General of the Liberty Party, Mr. Jacob Smith, was contacted via mobile phone, he denied the reports, terming it as mere political gossips.

Mr. Smith added that the speculations were coming from political detractors of the Liberty Party, noting that the Party will remain focused in its endeavors to capture the presidency. According to him, at no time the Liberty Party ever had discussions with the Boakai team for meager or coalition.

By E. J. Nathaniel Daygbor-Edited by George Barpeen

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