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USD$25m “mopping up” Commentary

We join you live from Ducor; bringing you play by play commentary of the 25m titanic match. The drama here is unbelievable.

PIT handles the 25m ball. Alex Cuffy is mesmerizing the spectators with his skills. He now passes the ball to Charles Gibson of the LACC, Charles gives a long pass to Musa Dean. The play is paused; Dean fumbles and invites Kroll in the play.

Kroll dishes the ball well and serves a beautiful pass for Musa Dean, and Dean has an open goal, but wasted that opportunity. Wow… Dean continues to fumble over the ball. He gives a back-heel pass to GAC.

Well, scoring a goal is becoming completely tantalizing – it really unobtainable from all indications.

Ooo no! I am hearing a huge noise from the stand. Let’s find out what’s going on there. It is one of the CBL decisive player – on the bench – been given a RED CARD. I see no fault on this guy’s part. I really, really believe this guy would have settled this long match.

Back to the play. Gaye of the GAC braces the ball slowly- she shows no interest moving forward. The spectators continue to fume. Ohh wow … I can hear vicious boos. The fans are expressing complete disapproval. Everyone is disappointed over the manner and form in which the players are missing these golden opportunities. They are not being decisive at all.

However, play continues, as Gaye runs faster beating Tweah, Patray and others. Again, Musa Dean receives the ball in the penalty area. Musa fumbles and pauses the play again. He looks around. What is this guy thinking? He has had an open goal thrice in this match.
He is killing the match. He continues to slow down the play each time he receives the 25m ball. Let’s see what he does this time. Oooo gosh. He gives a short pass to LACC again.

LACC moves the ball in the left corner and delays the play.

Coming live from Ducor the score stands at 0:0. There are too many missed opportunities in this match. The conducts of the players in this match appear like MATCH FIXING!

LACC guards the ball. Let’s see what Charles Gibson does… ooo goodness, Arthur T. Johnson ran in the play. He tackled his teammate (LACC) and collected the 25m ball. Arthur is now in possession. He hits the ball on his opponent. Arthur takes the throw-in. O! What is he doing with three balls in his hands: 4 billion ball; 25 million ball, and another colorful ball? Haha… the guy looks confused. Look … the guy is fussing with fans. He is focusing on the camera. I thought this guy should focus on the “damn” match. He is holding the ball without actions. No no.

Your are listening to a live commentary of the unaccounted for 25m UNITED STATES DOLLARS. This match has no end. It’s moving in circles. The only victors here are those who make their money from this game- thru commercials and other services.

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