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We Are Pen-Pen Boys – Part 2

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Da us again, people. Da us pen-pen boys. We are all over the place. We na scared. We pass anywhere we find a space or see an opening. Da small thing we on?

We say we are pen-pen boys. Generally speaking, we are reckless set of people. We na cared, and we na scared. Whether cars knock us down fifty times a day, we will behave the same way. We are pen-pen boys.

You can even take us to the JFK Medical Center to show us the dead bodies of our friends killed as a result of our usual recklessness – we will still not change. You can even take us to the same JFK Medical Center or to any other hospital or clinic to show us our friends crying in pain, with bandages all over their bodies as a result of accidents caused by our usual recklessness, we will still not change. During things the crazy way is our area. Recklessness da our area. We eat it like kanyan. We are pen-pen boys.

Believe us, people. We are pen-pen boys. Passing between cars da our area. And it doesn’t matter whether da small cars or da so so trucks. Why do you think we scrape cars and break their view mirrors all the time? Spoiling things da also our area. We are pen-pen boys.

Yes, we are pen-pen boys. We pass anywhere we find space. That’s why we force ourselves between cars, scraping them and breaking their view mirrors in the process. That’s also why we climb on the sidewalk and start moving when we see that the traffic does not want to go. That’s why we jump on people’s porches and start going just like that. We hate to wait. We are very, very impatient. We are pen-pen boys.

O, yes, we are pen-pen boys. We pass anywhere we see space. If you open your legs too much we can pass between your legs before you can jerk. We pass anywhere. That’s why when you are around us, you have to make sure that you close your legs. If not, once we see that space between them, we will force it and pass there. Passing unexpected places da our area. We are pen-pen boys.

But, don’t forget, too, that as pen-pen boys, most of us are criminals or engage in criminal activities. You na know? Don’t fool yourseh. We are pen-pen boys. Carrying passengers and passing between cars and anywhere else are not the only things we do. We also jerk people’s cell phones, women’s handbags and other valuable items. And we don’t want to know whether you are a Liberian or a foreigner. We are pen-pen boys.

That’s not all-oooo, people. We also believe in violence. Oh, we eat it like kanyan. When we destroy people’s things, we expect nothing to happen. When we hit people’s cars or scrape them or break their view mirrors or just throw people down, we expect nothing to happen. It is a normal thing.

But when different people touch or hit us, then da World War Three because our whole group will jump on such people and hurt them or, if possible, kill them. We are pen-pen boys. We almost always react violently. We are pen-pen boys.

To be continued…
Seriously, my people, aren’t these points to ponder?

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