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Weah rubbishes use of helicopter

By Patrick N. Mensah, Maryland County

President George Weah, currently on campaign trail in the southeast, dispels rumors that he is being airlifted from county to county via helicopter because of deplorable roads to reach citizens.

President Weah says such an argument from his opponents is untrue and only intended to tarnish his record and put him against the electorate.

He made the reaction while addressing scores of citizens including youth, women, men, elders and students, including first-time voters in the St. Francis sports pitch in Pleebo Sodoken district, on Tuesday, October 3.

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President Weah’s Campaign Manager, Lenn Eugene Nagbe, confirmed on OK FM early this week that the President did acquire a helicopter to enhance his campaign trail in the southeast.

President Weah’s motorcade arriving from Fishtown, Rivergee to Pleebo Maryland County Tuesday, October 4

But the President notes that it’s unfortunate that his opponents will continue to spread false information to the public about him being transported in a helicopter when his official vehicles are pliable.

He says thought some parts of the roads to the southeast are a challenge but expresses delight to have used the route to experience its actual condition.

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Mr. Weah recalls that in 1975, roads in the southeast were even worse, but he plied it those days to visit the late President Doe’s family.

“This is our place, our home so I can’t ride helicopter to come to my own people even when the roads are very bad”, he notes.

 The President continues: “The least I could do and I have done is to get in car and use the roads, knowing anywhere I get stocked my Pekin them will push me from the mud because we should show that love to our people.

So how can I George Manneh Weah, use a helicopter when my people are using the roads; remember, I used these same roads in 2017 and doing our counties tour so, we wanted to see because what they are giving me is on paper and I want to see how far our government has reached in terms of roads connectivity.”

Mr. Weah says he doesn’t need anybody telling him otherwise about the roads condition in the southeast, which is why he using his official motorcade instead of helicopter, to campaign.

He argues that so far his government has done extremely well and people should appreciate this.

He promises that the roads will not be the same in his 2nd term, assuring the people of Maryland and other counties in the southeast that he would not make them ashamed if they elect him for another six-year term.

“Let me tell you my people, everything you’re seeing happening in this country, oppositions are not happy; when we started building the invisible Park, which is good for the young children,  they were angry and they have criticized we were wasting money.”

He says his critics have even gone as far as saying he (President Weah) does not have sense, but when the same people travel abroad, they see parks for recreation.

“My people, I want to challenge you to give us additional six years in order for you to compare our government’s 12 years with that of the former ruling Unity Party’s 12 years.”

President Weah and entourage arrived in Maryland County Tuesday to a rousing welcome from citizens, who had gathered at the entrance of the county to receive him.

He was earlier in River Gee County, where he rallied citizens’ support for his 2nd term bid, telling them that his development record in the first six years is unmatched by his predecessors.

In response, Pleebo Mayor Wellington Kyen, assures President Weah of a massive victory next Tuesday, Election Day.

Mayor Kyen informs the President that the people of Pleebo Sodoken district, and the entire Maryland county are resolved in having him reelected, saying “I think we’ve only gathered to tell our President thank you for the many developments across the country.”

First-time voter Justina Weah, (no relation to the President) lauds President Weah for the payment of WASSCE fees and for providing them educational opportunities.

“Mr. President, our votes are for you and the CDC, we the first-time- voters of Maryland County are going to give you our votes, that will enable us continuing our free education and WASSCE fees across the country”, she pledges.

Student Weah continues that the President has shown great leadership ability over the last five years and that they are resolved to give him another six-year, mandate at the polls. Editing by Jonathan Browne

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