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What Makes Us “Human Beings”? – Part 10

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Yes, da me gain. Da me Paul. But, wait-o! You think I’m scared? I still don’t know what really makes the creatures called “human beings” to be human beings. I don’t see what makes “Human beings” different from or better than other animals. And no one has been able to convince me.

For instance, they say that we are human beings because we have the ability to develop and use language, forgetting to know that other animals also have the ability to develop and use language in their own way. Some also say that we are human beings because we have emotions, but then they soon realize that other creatures do have and express such emotions as love, hatred, anger, joy, jealousy, and so forth.

Others say that we are human beings because we have caring spirit – we can show compassion to others, protect, or do good to our friends and loved ones, and so on – but then they soon realize that many other creatures that they don’t consider “human beings” also show caring spirit.

A hen doesn’t want any trespassers to harm its chicks. Birds fetch food from long distances and bring it to their babies. If this is not an example of a caring spirit, then I want to know what it is. Still, others argue that we are human beings because we are intelligent, stating it as though monkeys and dogs, for instance, were unintelligent animals. These people just don’t know, or fail to know, that dogs and monkeys are among the intelligent creatures of the world. That established, dogs and monkeys are human beings, then.

Still, some say that we are human beings because we praise or worship God, or have the ability to do so. But such people soon see the stupidity of their own argument when it is looked at in connection to what is written in Psalms 148: 7 & 10. It says: “Praise the LORD from the earth, you great sea creatures and all ocean depths … wild animals and all cattle, small creatures and flying birds, praise the Lord.”

Another reason “human beings” give for considering themselves that way is that the Bible says we have dominion over other creatures, failing to know that the Bible was written by the same selfish and conceited creatures called human beings, and not by baboons or crocodiles.

Isn’t it funny to argue that we are “human beings” because we have dominion over animals? Our greedy selves wickedly kill other animals for food and say that we have dominion over them. Shame on us!

By the way, do we really have dominion over other animals? Have dominion, when we can run like hell when we come in contact with a cobra, a crocodile or a lion? We really have dry face, too-o. Dominion, when we are scared to death when we see a sea monster?

Let’s see another funny reason given.

Building of Skyscrapers

Some have told me that we are human beings because we have the ability to visualize something and bring it to reality, for example, a skyscraper, arguing that other animals are incapable of building such a structure.

For me, this is not a convincing argument. As I have stated in other articles under this topic, we usually engage in things that we have interest in. maybe other animals are not interested in skyscrapers, or are interested in a different kind of skyscraper, say, the bug-a-bug hills we see all around here.

Second, we cannot say that other animals cannot visualize. It is said that the beaver, for example, builds damps to kill fish and to cross on it. It does not happen by accident. The beaver first visualizes it before bringing it to reality. A bird does not build its nest by accident. It first visualizes the nest before bringing it to reality. Since they do, let’s consider them human beings, too. Da fi-yah?

To be continued…
Seriously, my people, aren’t these points to ponder?

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