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When love turns sour

No one read the minds of a young couple or at least knew their intent in their Peace Island community in Jacob Town, Paynesville City as they entered their bedroom on Saturday, 7April only for residents to discover subsequently that one of them was lying dead in a pool of blood, while the other was found unconscious in bed with his penis slashed.

That’s reportedly what transpired on the fateful night of Saturday, 7April at about 10pm when the late Princess Boe, 24, was found dead in a lake of blood in bed, while her boyfriend, Lassana Kenneth, was by her side in the same bed unconscious with his penis slashed.

Who may have done this? Was there a scuffle or brawl between the couple while they were in the room or had they been in confusion prior to that day which may have led to the ugly situation in the room?

While there might be various accounts about the situation in the community, depending on whom you speak with, the police will unravel what has become a tragic love story. Thank God that one of the couple, Lassana Kenneth, who also became victim of the situation, is recuperating in hospital and is now prime suspect.

One thing is however clear: There is a suspected murder, and no one perhaps can better explain what actually occurred in that room or at least circumstantial activities that led to the loss of life and injury other than prime suspect Lassana Kenneth, fiancé of the deceased. Whether he would say nothing else, but truth and only the truth that would be another thing.

Love sometimes suffers strains, but that it would lead to the taking away of someone’s life for whatever reason is against the law, and the perpetrator would have to face justice in court. It is important to note that this human venture is a social contract between a man and a woman or individuals of the same sex.

If that social contract is established before the law, it may be terminated in court in line with the relevant terms, and each party goes his or her way peacefully rather than the ghastly situation that occurred in Peace Island.

Equally, if it is a gentleman agreement, any party can throw in the tower anytime, walks away and life goes on as usual with no strings attached. They may reunite if deems necessary after resting for a while and no one dares ask why either.

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We don’t know why the couple from Jacob Town ended their relationship in the way they did or in the way it happened, but whoever is responsible for the death of one party, in this case Princess Boe, that person should be brought to book.

No one, whosoever, whether a husband or a wife, a boyfriend or a girlfriend, a father or a mother, a son or a daughter, a brother or a sister, or a friend has right to terminate the life of another person under the law, not even for the sake of love or in the name of love.

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