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When you were in Power/Position, what thing you do for us?

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Victims of political rhetoric most of whom are the common people or masses have introduced the above phraseology considered as something emerging in the political culture of Liberia. This phraseological question that surfaced in every quarters, electoral districts suggest that the common people have learned their lesson as such cannot be manipulated by empty rhetoric.

Doubtlessly, this phraseology or what could be viewed as troubling question has been the basis for signing the social contract (election or re-election of contestants or candidates). It is safe to assert that it was the determinant factor in the recent Senatorial elections in which out of the fifteen Senators, only two incumbent was re-elected. From this real scenario, many of us said that a lesson has been learned. Unfortunately, it appears to be that some interested in political positions or offices especially for the 2017 general elections have forgotten about the lesson
As evidenced by politicizing the efforts of some people that served in political positions but have to resign because of the 2017 elections, this article comes as enlightenment especially for critics having the same ambition for 2017 general elections.

Without any intention of posing as the promoter for any pecuniary or change of status benefits from the former Central Bank Governor Dr. John Mills Jones, or individuals permit me to cite this reference as example to expatiate the article.

It might be safe to argue that in line with the so called “Liberianization Policy” that also emphasized empowerment of the Liberian Business Community or whatever reason, Dr. Jones bearing in mind this policy established local banks and giving out loans to marketersacross the 15 political sub divisions of Liberia. Many of his critics perceiving his motive said that he was using the resources of the Central Bank of Liberia to make political gains for 2017 elections. Critics further argued that giving out loans does not require huge publicity stunt with t-shirt printed bearing the image of Governor Jones during which time large crowd paraded in the capital cities of counties visited and political speeches instead of quiet loaning program.
At one point in time, Dr. Jones was invited before our National Legislature to give justification for the action of the Central Bank.
The legitimacy or illegitimacy of Dr. Jones action whether or not explains his political ambition for whatever reason is not the crux of this article. As a reminder, it is to enlighten people in

ositions with political ambitions or those desiring to remain in positions contingent upon the electorates to take advantage of their legal scope of operation or functions to act judiciously so that when the time shall come, the common question “When you was in Power/Position, what thing do for us” will be answered and served as the determinant factor in the race.

Let’ look at another example that may have served as the determinant factor for Ambassador George M. Weah now Senator for Montserrado County. Doubtlessly, within his domain that can be equated to position as soccer legend characterized by his sacrifice for the National Team (Lone Star), the overwhelming votes received were expressions of people positively impacted by what he did regardless of the obvious criticism form oppositions.

Another example that is thinkable to serve as a major determinant factor for Hon. Saah Joseph should he decide to retain his political position stems from his humanitarian assistance that went across his constituency during the deadly Ebola crisis. Arguably, he has already answered the question “What did you do for us when you were in Position”

he final example reflects on Hon. Edwin M. Snowe, Montserrado County, District #6 recently petitioned by ordinary people of Senjeh, District # 1, to contest for District #1 in the pending 2017 general and legislative elections in Bomi County. This action by the people of Senjeh district suggests that Hon. Snowe have already answered thephraseological question.
The main crux or central idea of this article is to inform those with political ambitions that criticizing others that are positively impacting the lives of the people is an outdated political strategy that cannot influence political behaviors now in Liberia. As evidenced by the recent Senatorial elections in which out of the fifteen Senators only two incumbent was re-elected, it suggests that people regardless of their educational backgrounds or political maturity careless about how genuine the criticism from others against contestants may be. What they now care about is the response to the question (“When you was in Power/Position, what thing do for us?”) that no amount of political rhetoric can answer because it is something quantify and empirical or evidential. In addition, the common people careless about how eloquent, smart, articulated how are. What they want is what you have done in the past while in position that they know could have one way or the other impact their conditions.

As anticipated, you might want to counter argue that Mr. Robert Sirleaf did something concrete that could have also answered the same question as in the case of Ambassador Weah but did not influence the political behavior of the overwhelming electorates. Of course his question was answered as evidenced by the number of electorates impacted by his position. In other words, the argument is the extent to what was done while in position.

In conclusion, it is the candid opinion of this article that politicizing the positive efforts of those perceived as politically ambitious shows how much critics having the same political ambitions are not prepare for the battle on grounds of their failures to fully comprehend what can be considered as emerging dimension of the Liberian political culture (“When you was in Power/Position, what thing do for us?”)
Finally, if you now in position and at the same time ambitious politically, it is about time to stop criticizing but doing likewise judiciously within your position especially when people are aware that you have the legitimate potential to impact lives.

By Ambrues M. Nebo

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