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3 Unique Ways To Say It And See It!

Speech is one important means of self expression. Without it, life will be exceptionally boring and uninteresting. Speech is God’s own gift to mankind to facilitate great possibilities. One of such possibilities is the possibility of mutual co-existence with one another. Another important possibility that speech affords mankind is the ability to say what we want to see in life. Unfortunately, too many people speak negativity and expect to see positivity.

The big question is: What are you saying? How are you saying what you are saying? Does what you are saying correspond to what you are seeing?

It is true to say that what you see is always in direct proportion to what you say. “And God said… And God saw…” (Gen 1). You can’t change the rule: what you say is potent enough to produce results – whether good or bad. We have the ability to do great things with our words. Even Jesus did the following with his words: casted out evil spirits, healed the sick, preached and taught and so on (the list is endless). We must understand that we live in a linguistic society – a society that survives on words just like Jesus while he was on earth. The Christian life is uniquely ordained to be a speaking life – a life that demands that you keep speaking what you wish or hope to see. Outlined below are 3 unique ways to succeed with words (say it and see it), no matter your religious background:

1. Say only what you want to see: Like God during creation, learn to say only what you wish to see, knowing fully well that life is a choice. At creation, God saw darkness but chose to call forth light (Genesis 1). He saw negativity but chose to call forth positivity. It’s all a matter of choice. Choose to say only what you want to see!

2. Say what you want to see emphatically: There is often the need to emphasize a word or statement to your listeners to indicate seriousness. Life is not an exception in this regard. Emphasize what you say as much as possible until it delivers what you hope or desire to see.   

3. Say what you want to see continually: Like the step above, learn to say what you emphasize continually. It is never enough to say what you want to see once or twice, neither is it enough to emphasize what you say once or twice. The key is to continue at your positive declarations until they deliver your expectations.

As you apply these 3 steps in your speech, you can be sure to “say it and see it” accordingly. You will surely see your declarations come to manifestations! You are lifted!

Ambassador Samuel A. Ajayi, a Nigerian-born Liberian, is a prolific writer and author, a motivational speaker per excellence and an online publisher (blogger). He is the author of the fast-selling, much sought-after book under the L.I.F.E. MEDITATION BOOK SERIES, titled “The True Essence Of Friendship”. The Ambassador is a man committed to making positive impact through motivation. He therefore publishes monthly, the Life Inspirationals For Everyday (L.I.F.E.) MEDITATION at www.lifemeditation.org. You can contact him on (+231)888108644 or write samuel_ajayi2003@yahoo.com to order for his book or for free counsel and motivational advice.

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