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A major threat to the peace

–Boakai speaks out against brutal attacks on Cllr. Scott

By Lincoln G. Peters

Opposition leader Amb. Joseph Nyumah Boakai has condemned brutal attacks against former Chief Justice Gloria Musu Scott and the killing of her daughter Charloe Musu, saying criminal activities are rife and remain a major threat to the peace.

“Criminal activities are rife and remain a major threat to the peace of residents in Monrovia and many other communities in the country,” the former Liberian Vice President said Monday, 27 February 2023.

The 78-year-old presidential hopeful said burglary, armed robbery, rape, drug trafficking, substance abuse, theft, and other acts of violence on persons have become common features of concern in communities here.

He also noted with dismay the George Manneh Weah-led government’s neglect to provide Cllr. Scott and her family with security after she had reported two previous violent attacks in a row.

On Wednesday night, 22 February 2023, armed criminals invaded Cllr. Scott’s Brewerville residence and gruesomely murdered her daughter Charloe through multiple stabbings.

Before Charloe’s murder, Cllr. Scott said her home had been attacked twice in a row, but the government did not lift a finger to prevent the third attack.

She stated over the weekend that she raised the alarm about the deadly attacks and threats against her in vain.

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In the wake of the tragedy, Liberia’s former Truth and Reconciliation boss Cllr. Jerome Verdier last week accused Mr. Varlee Telleh, the Deputy City Police Director, of allegedly attacking the former Chief Justice. Verdier alleged that Monrovia Mayor and ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) Secretary General Jefferson T. Koijee ordered the attack.

But Koijee refuted the claim during a press conference held Friday, 24 February, saying he had no history of sharing blood in the country.

Reacting to the attacks against Cllr. Scott and her family, Amb. Boakai lamented that sadly, the responsiveness of Liberia’s security institutions, still challenged with structural and capacity deficiencies, is highly negligible.

Boakai also criticized the government for taking several hours before the police arrived on the scene at Cllr. Scott’s residence, only after the assailants had safely left.

“We, accordingly, demand a speedy investigation into the incident and associated circumstances and request that the outcome of said investigation be made public,” said Amb. Boakai.

He further demanded that the perpetrators of this heinous act must be brought to justice and held accountable for their actions.

The opposition Unity Party (UP) political leader contended that the state security system as is at the moment is limited and under-resourced.

“And instead of investing in peoples’ and community security, President Weah is focused more on elite and private security, which tends to serve him and his few officials,” Mr. Boakai criticized his rival for the 2023 presidential election.

He added that Mr. Weah’s prescription that citizens buy CCTV cameras to address the rising violence and lawlessness demonstrates his government’s failure, insensitivity, arrogance, and lack of understanding of its obligation to the citizens and residents of Liberia.

“We have a contrary view; when we invest in people’s security, not only do we limit violence and conflict, but increase access to security for all and build a peaceful society,” Amb. Boakai argued.

In the wake of the rising insecurity and violence, Amb. Boakai has cautioned Liberians not to allow violence and intimidation to undermine the country’s hard-won peace.

He cautioned also that it should not erode the fundamental principles of freedom and democracy that everyone aspires to in society. 

Instead, Amb. Boakai believes that it’s now time that Liberians stand up to defend their democracy.

“As we are alarmed and terrified by the invasion of the home of former chief Justice Gloria Musu-Scott and the violent attack on her family by armed men, we are reminded of the numerous acts of violence and lawlessness that occur each day in homes and communities around the country with nowhere for citizens to turn for help,” said Amb. Boakai. 

He added that this is sadly a daily occurrence. Boakai said he and his wife Kartumu Boakai mourn with Justice Scott and her family in their grief and pray for them as well as the soul of their loved one who was tragically murdered in the incident.

He also prayed for the speedy recovery of the wounded family member.

Finally, I would like again to extend my deepest sympathy to Justice Gloria Scott: a loyal friend, a patriot, a decent Liberian, an astute lawyer, and our UP Partisan, whose home was attacked by heartless and ungodly men.”

“She deserves a better reward for dedicated service to our country.”

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One Comment

  1. Did the ex-rebel, was a President, now an outside prisoner, leave this invasion unprotected? Why did he not leave her protection or why did she not take away her protection from him? When this formal V.P. who served the first female formal Liberian President who invoked Nigerian soldiers in the Liberian nation through the African organization, was serving the Liberian Government, why did he not encourage his mate to leave some Liberian-Nigerian Protection for this ex-chief justice? Why do we blame the present without relegating the past? Regardless party affiliation or individual connections, Friends today could be enemies tomorrow. Jesus is my only friend.

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