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A rejoinder: Debunking the lies and machination of Massa Washington

The New Dawn Liberia The New Dawn Liberia
Varfley A. Dolleh : The author

A rejoinder: In the wake of the ongoing investigation by International investigators of Mr. Hassan Bility regarding his criminal machination of lying on diaspora Liberians for prosecution under the canopy of pinpointing would be war criminals, I was disgusted recently regarding a piece written by Ms. Massa Washington in which she maliciously spewed out despicable rants and cowardly aspersions on my character which are worthy of rebuttal, in order to repair the damages and injuries sustained as a result of venomous lies.   With that said, please allow me to do the following submission:

A.  That Ms. Massa Washington is a criminal and pathological liar with tainted characters;

B.  That all the allegations made against me in being part of human rights violation is false and misleading;

C.  That I served in the Transitional Government with dignity and utmost respect void any criminality;

D.  That I was never amenable to Alhaji Kromah as a Lawmaker despite nomination by a fashion.  In fact, I was amenable to the Speaker of the House and the Liberian people.  Moreover, as a manifestation of the same, I was the only one who challenged the status quo at the time leading to dismissal from LBS having served for less than a day,

E.  That the TRC report has no mention of me from “A to Z”. Moreover, there is a letter of vindication from the TRC which has been submitted to relevant authorities;

F.  That Massa was a senior member of the Lofa Defence Force of “Francois Massaquoi”.  Not only that she was an ideologue of the group that masterminded many of the killings, especially, the be- heading of Mandingoes in Lofa County;

G.  That she works with Hassan Bility in lying and extorting millions from the international community enriching herself;

H.  That her immediate boss Hassan Bility was a member of ULIMO, a confidant of Alhaji Kromah;  deputy youth wing chairman of ALCOP youth wing and editor of the Analyst News Paper, a news organ established by Alhaji and operated by him and Journalist Sando Moore.

With the information supra, I want to unequivocally affirm that the story attributed to me by Ms. Massa Washington is all false and misleading.  Moreover, she is fronting for Mr. Bility with the hope of avoiding possible culpability which could lead to her own indictment.  

Varfley A. Dolleh



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