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A response to Lofa Superintendent Kamba blames Boakai, and others for Lofa County’s underdevelopment

By John Kpehe Boimah

The Superintendent of Lofa County, Mr. William Tamba Kamba made statements to Journalist Kruah Thompson that were published in The New Dawn Newspaper on Friday, September 15, 2023. This article provided me an insight into why Lofa County is underdeveloped.  It is very simple. Our superintendents have never provided the leadership required to have an impact on the county. In my opinion, they have just been leaders with no vision, they lack innovation and the skills to provide leadership.

Superintendent Kamba, you are the Chief Executive Officer of Lofa County. Stop playing the blame game and become our leader; the leader of Lofa County. What are your achievements since you became the CEO of Lofa County? What have you done to enhance education and health care and ensure that Lofians have a year-round road network? Superintendent Kamba, have you championed this cause? Did you push our legislative Caucus to achieve your agenda? I am wondering what you have been doing in Voinjama.

Superintendent Kamba, please go through the list of Presidents of our country. Did you find the names of any of the Vice Presidents you mentioned? I want to believe that you understand how the leadership of our country functions. The president has absolute administrative authority in decision-making. I would like to believe they must have tried with their efforts in vain because the president may have seen it differently.

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And note that the only person alive from your list is Joseph Nyumah Boakai. He is vying for the presidency of Liberia. I want to strongly believe that he will do better for all Liberians. Instead of you rallying the people of Lofa County to support him, you are trying your utmost best to show that he has done nothing for your county. What a shame! Please note that JNB is not the superintendent. You are the superintendent of Lofa County. You have failed the people of Lofa County. You have not used your office to network and address the problems so dear to you.

As a kid, I traveled the Lofa road to St. Joseph Catholic School in Voinjama on the road to Kuruka. I used this same road while attending St. Augustine High School of the Holy Cross Mission in Bolahun. Even today, I am still traveling this treacherous road.

WOW!!!!!! Superintendent Kamba, you stated that Lofa County received “Primarily Unfulfilled Promises” from Liberia’s former Vice Presidents from Lofa County. And you went on to state that the CDC-led government of President Weah broke the pattern by employing Lofians to KEY positions in his government. I wonder “WHY” these Lofians in KEY Government positions are not helping you deliver on this project so dear to your heart.

For your information, Superintendent Kamba, my company in association with a Kuwaiti engineering firm submitted bidding documents for this project. Documents from my archives, I am presenting a few documents to help you ask critical questions.

Superintendent Kamba,  as I close, have you wondered why this road project so dear to your heart is overdue? Its anticipated date of completion was at the end of 2019. This September 2023 makes it four years since it was anticipated to be completed. I wonder WHY you are not asking questions. Is it because you do not care about it, but you want to play politics during this election season? I just hope this problem that you have unearthed does not take a big bite out of you. For the few months you have as CEO of Lofa County, PLEASE DO SOMETHING WORTHWISE. Many of us have been watching for long.

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