Abraham Tumay’s blood cries for justice

Circumstances that led armed riot police shooting into angry protesters in Kingsville#7 Monday, 24 June 2019 near Fifteen Gate community along the Monrovia-Kakata highway resulting to several injuries and subsequent death of a 17-year-old lad, Abraham Tumey, is still being investigated but the deceased’s blood is crying for justice.

According to multiple sources, including father of the deceased, the late Tumay was not part of the protest, as he had gone on the road to sell roasted corn when strayed bullet struck him in the head. He immediately lost conscious and was subsequently pronounced dead at Du-Side hospital in Harbel, Margibi County.

The Liberia National Police confirm the death and say it has begun an investigation into the incident that left two other persons seriously injured.

As the police investigate themselves, we join the parents in demanding that the exercise should produce a culprit that would have his or her day in court to serve justice, for the death of an innocent life.

We hope this would not be another endless police investigation intended to launder away the gravity of the situation and divert public attention.

The police should tell the public who ordered the discharge of live weapons into unarmed civilians protesting for the suspected murder of two of their sons on suspicion of ritualistic purposes.

It was very unfortunate that an already aggrieved population lost another child from the hands of the police that should be protecting lives and property. The ongoing investigation would have to explain what was the clear danger that led to ordering use of live weapon against unarm civilians.

Abraham Tumay did not deserve this, neither the people of Kingsville#7. Tumay’s blood would only stop crying when someone is held accountable for sending him to his early grave.

It is about that armed security officers learn to use fire arm responsibly by only returning fire where fire is coming from. But in this case, empty shells recovered from the scene of the incident point to the police.

We believe strongly the police could have employed other means in dispersing road-blocking protesters rather than firing at them. This is not good and professional policing. People’s lives matter, especially aggrieved citizens.

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