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AEL disappointed in LCC proposition 24

The Vice President of the Board of Governance, of the Association of Evangelicals of Liberia, Daniel McGee has described the decision by the Liberia Council of Churches not to support the proposition 24 as disappointing.

Vice President McGee said the LCC, which was part of a technical committee to discuss the issue and advised the church of Liberia on the matter failed by denouncing the proposition. He said Liberia stand to benefit a lot being a Christian nation.

The AEL has declared its support for the Constitution Review Committee (CRC), proposition #

24, which calls for Liberia becoming a Christian nation. The faith-based group indicated that it will vote for the proposition in the National Referendum, which is slated for this year. The Governance Board of the AEL says the proposition does not violate or contravene the spirit and letter of the Liberian nation. Speaking on behalf of the faith based organization, the President of the Board of Governance; Dr. Samuel Monwell called on Liberians and the government to consider the will of the people during such an election process.

Dr. Monwell urged AEL member institutions to remain calm and pray fervently and wait for the Liberian people to decide during the referendum.

Meanwhile the AEL has disclosed that any attempt to trash the proposition out of the referendum, would be a disservice to the people of Liberia.

The religious group said since Liberia was declared an independent nation in 1847, the church and the state have been separated in their functions and jurisdiction and it will remain the same.

The Faith based group said it does not understand Church- State separation doctrine to make Liberia a secular nation.

Also addressing reporters, the immediate past President of the Board of Governance, Dr. Nuwoe Kiamu said it was unfortunate that the AEL and the LCC collaboration failed to materialize.
He however said the Liberia Council Churches as a religious organization has its own right to make its decision as it see befitting, likewise the Association of Evangelicals of Liberia.

The AEL Governance Board revealed that the Constitution Review Committee samples the views and opinions of Liberians across the nation and came up with 25 major propositions.

The proposition 24 was the only proposition that received the largest votes during the Constitution Review conference with delegates calling for Liberia to return to its Christian heritage.-Edited by Othello B. Garblah

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