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ALCOP rejects VP slot in advance

The head of the Elder Council of the All Liberian Coalition Party (ALCOP) Alhaji Garfee Swaray says ALCOP will not succumb to any other political party for a vice-presidential slot, stating that its goal is to produce a president. 

Speaking Sunday, 15 May 2022 at the launch of a ‘dollar rally,’ Elder Swaray expressed optimism that the party’s political leader Lusinee Kamara is the next President of Liberia after the 2023 presidential and legislative elections.  

“Lusinee Kamara will be the next President of Liberia. I mean Lusinee will not be a vice presidential candidate to anyone. We will not join any party, because we want to know our weight,” said Elder Swaray.

“We want to weigh ourselves to know our weight. If we will join other parties, it will be after the first round of the elections, after which we will really know our weight,” he said. 

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He called on partisans and Liberians to join hands to vote for ALCOP in 2023, stating that the party stands for the supreme interest of all Liberians, which is development and reconciliation.  

According to him, ALCOP is not a Mandingo party, as it is being insinuated in some quarters of Liberia.

He pointed out that the party is for all Liberians, even though it has a tribal base like any other political party in Liberia or across the globe.

“This party is not a Mandingo party, even though it was founded by the late Alhaji G.V. Kromah, who was a Mandingo man. It is inclusive of all the 16 tribes of Liberia,” the ALCO P elder explained.

Speaking at the rally, the political leader of the party, Mr. Lusinee Kamara, stated that an ALCOP leadership is the best option that will move the country forward.

The former Commerce and Finance Minister stated that ALCOP is geared towards honestly protecting the interest of every Liberian.

“I know the issues and will deal with the issues in the supreme interest of Liberians. We have worked in all sectors of the society, both in the Executive and the Legislature,” said Mr. Kamara. 

“It was based on the supreme interest of Liberians that I agreed to contest the ensuing 2023 [elections],” stated the ALCOP political leadership.

“Let’s work together, let’s join hands to improve the living conditions of our country. Our people cannot continue to sleep hungry, they need not keep crying about bad roads and being unable to bring their farms’ produce to town,” Mr. Kamara said.

He pointed out that the country needs leadership that can improve the educational system, stressing that an ALCOP leadership is the best way forward.

With some internal wrangling reported within the party, the former House Speaker called on partisans to bury their differences and hold together.

In his doctrine of peace, he stated that it is time that all partisans hold together for the betterment of the party and the country at large.

In agreement with the head of the party’s elder council, Mr. Kamara noted: “ALCOP is for all Liberians. It is for the Kpelleh, the Bassa, Lorma, Kissi, Belle and all other Liberians.”

“Liberians need an honest leadership and ALCOP provides that condition. Let us hold hands together and let’s push ALCOP forward. ALCOP is the party of the poor people, the people who feel disadvantaged participate. If you don’t decide to work together for yourself, no one will do it for you,” he added.

The Chairman of the party, Mr. Ansu Dolley remained upbeat that no agenda will undermine the party or stop it from reaching the “promised land.”

Like the elder, the ALCOP Chair noted that the party cuts across tribal and religious lines.

“ALCOP is an open party, so please come [and] let’s work together. Your spaces are there, your positions are there and there is nothing that can stop you. The party has nothing to do with tribe or religion,” he added.


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