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ALCOP seeks equal opportunity for all Liberians

The Political Leader of the All Liberia Coalition Party (ALCOP), Mr. Lusinee F. Kamara, Sr., says that National Unification means making sure that all citizens have equal opportunity in all parts of Liberia.

Mr. Kamara notes that the annual celebration of National Unification Day in Liberia is important to remind Liberians about the national effort to bring unity and equality among citizens of different ethnic and cultural backgrounds.

He stresses that unity and equality would only be genuine if all 16 ethnic groups of Liberia are treated equally without prejudice, bias and injustice because of religion.

He describes Liberia as a blessed society, a nation that is uniquely beautiful due to its good geographic location, landscape, weather and diverse cultural and ethnic heritage. These qualities, according to him, give the country an opportunity to draw both mental and physical strength from as many as sixteen (16) ethnic groups, each of which belongs to one of the four (4) cultural groups here.

“Diversity is a blessing for our Nation, as members of an ethnic or cultural groups come to government with some unique moral and ethical standards. They contribute this value to national policy and decision making.” He says.

He adds that contributions of Liberians from diverse backgrounds to the growth and development of the country must be encouraged through participatory and inclusive policies, such as the one that birthed the National Unification Policy. 

He says this is why the All-Liberia Coalition Party (ALCOP) takes the National Unification Policy as a blessing to Liberia.

The ALCOP leader further notes that the Constitution of Liberia is a blessing because it makes this country a secular state and seeks equality and fair play in government’s treatment of its citizens, regardless of religious background.

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He points out that Article 14 of the Constitution clearly grants freedom of conscience and religion to all Liberians, without molestation or segregation, adding that the law calls on all Liberians, especially those in positions of power to respect the rights of everyone equally, whether or not they practice African Traditional Religion, Islam or Christianity.

“If those who are in government respect the laws of Liberia, it will set the example for the ordinary people to follow. Remember that government has big influence over our Nation and its people. If government officials treat Liberian citizens equally and respect their rights that are guaranteed by the Constitution, that good example will be seen and followed by the ordinary people”, he stresses. Editing by Jonathan Browne

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