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Alleged notorious scammer dragged to court

By Lincoln G. Peters 

The Liberian National Police (LNP) has charged and forwarded to court suspect George B. Wade, alias Nicolas Jack Davis, with multiple charges.

Addressing a major press conference Wednesday, 3 April 2023, Police Spokesperson Moses Carter said the LNP has concluded a full-scale investigation with the accused.

Mr. Carter explained that the suspect was arrested on 23 April 2023 and displayed in a press conference for his alleged involvement in committing multiple crimes against several victims, using scams.

He indicated that the suspect used numerous names including George B. Wade, Nicolas Jack Davis, Kingston Kelvin, Santos, and Jones, when carrying out his clandestine act.

During a police criminal investigation, the suspect allegedly admitted to the accusations in the presence of his legal representation.

Suspect George Wade faces charges including rape, sexual assault, simple assault, terroristic threat, felonious restrain, menacing, criminal coercion, robbery, armed robbery, forgery or counterfeiting, theft of property, and disseminating.

Carter said the suspect purposely, knowingly, and intentionally had intercourse with women who are not his wives.

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Carter noted that in the process of having sex with the victims, suspect Wade video record them without their consent so that he can scam them when they refuse to comply with his demands.

 Mr. Carter disclosed that the suspect came in contact with eight victims.

Mr. Carter narrated that the situation is currently causing injuries for the victims, both physical and psychological. According to him, most times the accused threatened to kill them.

“Suspect Davies usually threatens the victim(s), causing serious bodily harm or death while unlawfully restraining his victim(s) at unspecified locations where he subjects them to involuntary servitude,” Carter said.

He noted the suspect Wade takes nude photos of or video records his victim(s) with the employ of weapons such as single barrel shotgun pistol or knife.

Mr. Carter stated that the suspect is also arrested for illegal possession of LRD76,500.00 worth of fake LRD500 Bank Notes.

He said the offenses were carried out against different victims at various locations on different dates. The accused is due to face prosecution.

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