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AMEU condemns attack on its campus

Calls on LNP to investigate the matter

The Administration of the African Methodist Episcopal University (AMEU) has condemned a reported attack on its campus Wednesday afternoon, 10 August 2022.

The alleged attack was carried out by some young men wearing khaki. It is believed the attackers were members of the Students Unification Party (SUP), but the facts are yet to be established.

Members of SUP were recently attacked by pro-government rioters. One of the rioters who hails from AMEU was subsequently suspended by the institution in connection with the attack.

AME University said in a release that it considers the incident on its campus as not just an attack on peaceful young men and women, but on the peace and stability of the State. 

According to the statement, AMEU is encouraging its students, staff, and users of its facilities to go about their normal activities as calm has been restored by the security guards, with the assistance of the Liberia National Police.

“We condemn this attack in no uncertain terms and call on the Liberia National Police and relevant state actors to investigate this matter to its logical conclusion and ensure that perpetrators are brought to justice,” the statement said.

On Wednesday afternoon, some khaki-wearing young men threw stones and other harmful objects during normal academic activities at AME University, damaging cars and properties near the university.

The young men visited the AMEU after a tip-off that the former student Council President Abduramah Barry, a student of the AMEU and member of the Coalition for Democratic Change Council of Patriots (CDC-COP) was spotted on campus.

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AMEU recently suspended Barry after the CDC – COP attacked and badly wounded SUP members on 26 July.

Speaking to this paper, the Communication Director of AMEU Fidel Saydee said he was told by a security guard of the institution that a group of young men went to the university in search of student Abduramah Barry.

He said they forcefully entered the campus of the university in search of Barry.

He added that there was also an ongoing training of a group of journalists from different institutions in the auditorium of the university, but it was disrupted. 

The Liberia National Police in a release has with immediate effect launched an investigation into disturbances at the AMEU.

According to the LNP, upon police’s arrival on the campus, one of the perpetrators in person of Darius Tweh was arrested and is currently in police custody.

The LNP said it has invited SUP’s leadership to the office of the Deputy Inspector General of Police for Crime Services (CSD), Col. Prince Mulbah to answer to allegations levied against them by AMEU.

But addressing a news conference Thursday, 11 August, SUP disassociated itself from the violence at AMEU.

SUP said it is a peaceful institution and it will obtain justice for its members in a peaceful manner.

SUP has called on the LNP to stop calling its leadership’s numbers because they will not appear at any conference or investigation in the absence of the International Human Rights Commission.

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