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Amputees Visit To United States Postponed

The Liberia Amputees Football Federation and the United States Amputees Football Federation have jointly postponed the August 9, 2014 international friendly football match in Maryland, United States of America.  A dispatch from the International Coordinator of Liberia Amputee Federation, Mr. Duannah Siryon, indicates that the both parties (Team Liberia and Team USA) agreed to postpone the activities due to the Ebola escalating trend.

Quoting from his letter, Mr. Siryon said, “With the emergency national Ebola disease situation in Liberia and the rising death toll in the country, we hereby postponed the Liberia vs. USA Amputee game scheduled for August 9, 2014 in the United State of Maryland.”

He further emphasized that, “the Ebola situation in Liberia and West Africa is a national disaster issues worth every Liberian and international partners attentions vie-sa-vie help.” According to Mr. Siryon, it’s not time for a fund driven event; rather, it’s time that all Liberians join hands with national governments and civic society organizations in the Ebola awareness campaign which has become a national emergency.

According to Mr. Siryon, the Ebola situation in Liberia has escalated in recent time as it wasn’t prior to commencing the friendly arrangement. Therefore, the postponement of the trip to the United States serves as Solidarity and Nationalistic moves for those who have sacrificed or continue to sacrifice their lives in saving our citizens. “Ebola is real and must be attacked robustly by all well-meaning Liberians including the Liberian Amputees Federation.” continued Mr. Siryon.

In addition to the August 9, friendly encounter, the Liberian Amputees delegation was also scheduled to undergo an intensive educational seminar at Morgan State University on August 12 and a visit to the United State Capitol for a meeting with several U.S Congressional representatives on August 13, respectively.

The president of the Liberian Amputee Federation, Mr. Melvin Gotteh, used the occasion to commend the government of Liberia through the Ministry of Youth and Sport for the level of support provided to his organization throughout the process. He urged his members, the Youth and Sports Ministry, and the general citizenry to keep the momentum alive.

The leadership of the Liberia Amputees Federation is scheduled to meet with officials of the Ministry of Health to further engage the Ebola awareness campaign efforts in the country. The Liberian National Amputees Soccer Team was invited by the U.S National Amputees Soccer Team to participate in a friendly match on Soccerplex stadium, near Washington D.C.

The friendly international soccer match was a prelude to the world Amputees Cup scheduled to take place November 30 through December 8, 2014 in Mexico. The Amputees Would Cup will be welcoming over 28 participating countries, including Team USA and Team Liberia.

The Liberian Amputees Soccer Team was established to embrace healing after a long devastated civil war that destroyed lives and properties. Since inception, the team has received international recognitions and is Africa three-time champion in soccer.

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