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2 robbers killed in Saye Town

Unknown persons have killed two suspected armed robbers in Saye Town, Sinkor, early Sunday morning, 17 November during an alleged stealing mission in the community.Following the incident, the Liberia National Police (LNP) on Sunday handed over the corpses of the two alleged armed robbers only identified as Junior and Mark to residents of West Point who had rushed to the scene in tears to identify the deceased as their children.

The alleged armed robbers, according to Saye Town Community dwellers, reportedly robbed one resident of Saye Town of US$10,000.00 along with her wedding ring and valuables just last month before returning to the community again over the weekend on another alleged stealing mission.But the suspects, while allegedly finding their way to their hideout, were said to be unfortunate this time, as they got tracked down by unknown persons.James Nyanquoi, a private security officer, discloses that one of the murdered alleged criminals had a brother selling gasoline in the community.

Nyanquoi narrates that the two deceased, prior to their death had allegedly gone to steal when they were tracked down.He says the deceased were finding their way to get to the house of a gas seller who is an alleged brother to one of the alleged armed robbers when they got tracked down and were stabbed on several parts of their bodies.

Nyanquoi explains that the stabbing of the alleged armed robbers resulted to their death.
He notes that when the police arrived on the scene of the incident, they prevented people from getting closer to the bodies.During the process, Nyanquoi says some group of people from West Point later arrived in Saye Town and claimed the bodies as corpses of their children.
The bodies were placed in a van and then taken to West Point Community where they were buried hours later.

The two alleged robbers were said to also be selling slippers at Waterside General Market.
After the first robbery incident in Saye Town, they reportedly confided in some of their colleagues just a day before their death that they were going on an operation to get some additional money to build their business up.One of the witnesses identifies the robbers only as Junior and Mark. She says only Junior lived in West Point, but she didn’t know where Mark lived.

The scene of the incident drew a very large crowd from various communities as many tried to take a glance at the corpses of the alleged armed robbers.Meanwhile, some group of men from West Point who are believed to be associated with the two alleged robbers, rushed on some money exchangers along the Jallah Town belt and stole their money and scratch cards, while other broke down tables of gas vendors, creating panic among the residents.

Others threatened that they would return to Jallah Town to revenge the death of their colleagues Junior and Mark.Police officers at the scene of the incident declined to comment on the issue when contacted by this paper, while efforts to get comment from the LNP authorities failed.By Emmanuel Mondaye—Edited by Winston W. Parley

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