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Armed Robbers Attack Church Tarry – Offering Basket Stolen

Several private homes and a Church edifice have been attacked by armed robbers, making away with several valuables of occupants, including undisclosed amount of cash said to have been in the offering basket.

The attacks happened separately at the Wisdom Church Ministries in the Township of Caldwell and Clara Town, a densely populated shanty town community on Bushrod Island, Monrovia.

No death was reported, but residents in these communities are still in shock in the aftermath of what they have experienced at the hands of the robbers. At the Wisdom Church Ministries last Friday, a tarry ended abruptly after armed robbers invaded the night service and took away the offerings collected.

Some members of the congregation told this paper how a group of men entered the service (tarry) and held the entire congregation at gunpoint before making away with the offerings and other personal belongings.

“It was during prayer after collecting offerings (money) at the tarry when the congregation was asked to bow to bless the offerings when the robbers entered and put us at gunpoint,” said one of the victims.

Another member of the congregation stated that perhaps some of the robbers might have been amongst them during the services but they never took notice. “Besides our offerings (money) they took our mobile phones and hand bags, containing cash and other valuables,” one dejected member noted.

Also early Thursday (yesterday) in Clara Town, armed robbers ransacked five private homes at dawn (2:35 A.M.) and held occupants at gunpoint after sporadic shooting.

Some victims told this paper how suitcases, bags, mobile phones and many more were stolen in the process. The robbers were said to be well armed with various weapons.

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“When these guys entered these houses including ours, I went underneath the bed giving them options to take whatever they wanted. Because I do not want to be hurt by anyone just for material things,” Andy Jackson noted.

These spontaneous armed robberies come on the heel of Acting Police Director Christopher Massaquoi’s 72 hours ultimatum announced recently to suspected criminals to turn themselves in to state security.

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