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Aspirant Boah pays tribute to Harry Greaves

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Liberian publisher-turned politician Carlton Boah, has paid a tribute to family of the late former LPRC Managing Director Harry Greaves for the mysterious death of Mr. Greaves. 

In his tribute to the Greaves family, Mr. Boah, currently a presidential aspirant said, while it is true that death is inevitable, the circumstances and manner in which the former LPRC Managing Director died is mind-boggling and as well scares all well-meaning people who often go to hotels and other secluded places for meetings or relaxation.

Preliminary autopsy report released by the Government of Liberia says Mr. Greaves died by drowning, as his body was found 31 January 2016 ashore behind old Budget Bureau in Monrovia.  He also said that Greaves’ death in such doubtful circumstances is even more troublesome to his family who now have to mourn their loss amidst the glare of public eyes, speculation and political milking of the home-going of a noble Liberian regardless of the politics he espoused, the friends he made and whatever his personal life story might have been.


ccording to him, he reached the Greaves’ family privately but publically says sorry for that great lost in their family and encouraged them to take heart. However, Boah said it is his hope that the mysterious death of Mr. Greaves, which resembles another “Gboyo killing” or ritualistic killing, opens the door for the security of the country; especially the police, to begin to thoroughly investigate all deaths, be it high or low profile, for every death means something to those who love that person.

“With the draw-down of UNMIL as we approach the pending 2017 elections, we ought to be mindful of our utterances, be responsible citizens in how we govern ourselves and the people who believe in us. We must also be our own security in how we conduct ourselves and not rely on a security force that is still tinkering with the idea of UNMIL’s drawdown,” he warned. The former Liberian journalist-turned-politician then recommended that government should make it mandatory for hotels, guest houses and other public facilities to install and maintain Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) for monitoring and reference purposes, noting because today it is Mr. Greaves, tomorrow; it could be a high level foreign guest at a security-less so-called “Five Star Hotel.”

By Ethel A. Tweh -Edited by Jonathan Browne

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