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Attach Seriousness to your Education

A Lecturer at Cuttington University has admonished students to attach seriousness to their education, if they are to positively contribute to the Country’s growth and development.

Mr. Lepolu Torlon described the young people as the future leaders of Liberia, emphasizing the need for them to exhibit behavioral patterns that would propel the process.
Serving as guest-speaker at the installation of officials of the Student Council government of the Bethany Lutheran School in Bong County, Mr. Torlon classified the young people as an engine of progressive change in society, saying a country can only be developed if the citizens are united and educated- something he believed is the major tool for development.
He urged the students to do away with corruption, maintaining that corruption makes any leadership to fall.
He added that corruption makes those being led to hate their leaders and create complete disrespect for them.
He expressed his commitment to the provision of educational opportunities for students of Electoral District #5 in Bong County.-Edited by George Barpeen

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