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Bad roads affect commuters in Nimba County

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Commuters and business people in Nimba County are being obstructed by deplorable roads across the county, impeding economic activities. Vehicles plying the Ganta-Tappita and Ganta-Karnplay highways now take up to three days to reach their respective destinations.

Scores of travelers and marketers are currently stranded along the various routes with their vehicles stuck in the mud.  As a result of the situation, passengers are being charged exorbitant fares, imposing further economic strain on an already impoverished population.

The road condition is also affecting villagers, who are now unable to transport their products to nearby markets, thereby leading hikes in food prices with a 25kg bag of rice previously sold for L$1,300, now on sale for L$1,700. Nimba County has 20 yellow machines that were purchased through its county and social development funds, but suffers from bad roads each rainy season.

Many Nimbaians have expressed frustration over the fact that yellow machines that were procured for road rehabilitation are being packed in the county due to disagreement between county administration and legislative caucus. Some are blaming the road condition to the indefinite suspension of the county’s project management committee chair, Clinton Laywhyee, by Superintendent Fong Zuagele.

According to them, the suspension of Mr. Laywhyee, who has oversight for road maintenance, coupled with the  ineffectiveness of most of the yellow machines, is a major factor for the bad roads.

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