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Beysolow seeks to reduce poverty in Liberia

Liberian female presidential candidate Sara Beysolow Nyanti has pledged to establish robust systems that will significantly reduce poverty and elevate the living standards of every Liberian.

Madam Nyanti is seeking the presidency on the African Liberation League (ALL) ticket.

She made the pledge to the people of Liberia during the historic ALL Liberian Jubilee and the official launch of her party’s campaign for the 10 October 2023 elections.

Nyanti unveiled her vision for a brighter future when she addressed thousands of dedicated Liberians who stood steadfast under a rain-soaked sky at the Jacob Town sports pitch recently.

Under her leadership, she envisions a Liberia where citizens find meaningful employment opportunities, where children receive quality education, and where healthcare services are of the highest standard.

The commitment to reducing poverty and enhancing the overall quality of life is at the core of Nyanti’s campaign. 

Her message resonated strongly with the crowd, symbolizing hope for a Liberia where prosperity is accessible to all.

As Liberia approaches the 10 October elections, Madam Nyanti’s vision is a rallying call for transformation and progress. 

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Her promise to establish effective systems and improve the quality of life reflects her unwavering dedication to a Liberia where every citizen can thrive. 

The Jubilee marked a historic moment, heralding the potential for a brighter future under Nyanti’s leadership.

Nyanti has cautioned against the divisive tactics often employed by politicians, urging Liberians to resist being torn apart by religious, tribal, or political affiliations.

She emphasized the need for unity to forge a brighter future. 

With unshakeable determination, Nyanti promised a Liberia that was not only prosperous but reconciled and healed. 

According to a statement issued in Monrovia, her vision includes the establishment of functional systems that work across all sectors and serve the interests of every Liberian.

As Liberia approaches the pivotal election, the statement said Nyanti’s commitment to a united, prosperous, and equitable nation stands as a beacon of hope. 

The statement noted that Madam Nyanti’s words echo in the hearts of those who gathered on that rain-soaked day, offering a vision of a Liberia where divisions are healed, and systems empower all.

It said further that Madam Nyanti’s message is a call to action, an invitation for Liberians to come together, vote for unity, and embrace the promise of a brighter tomorrow.-Edited by Winston W. Parley

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