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Bishop angers opposition

–Over Weah’s use of Dominion Church pulpit to attack critics

By Lincoln G. Peters

Former ruling Unity Party’s (UP’s) Youth Congress is angered by President George Manneh Weah’s alleged constant use of a pulpit at the Dominion Christian Fellowship to launch verbal attacks against his critics.

The chairman of the UP Youth Congress Togar Melvin Cephas has termed it as a complete misuse, and abuse of the pulpit of God.

Cephas filed a complaint before the Liberia Council of Churches (LCC) president Rev. Dr. Samuel B. Reeves on Thursday, 22 December 2022 against the Archbishop of the Isaac Winker Global Ministries, Isaac Winker.
He accused Bishop Winker of constantly availing his pulpit to President Weah for alleged selfish and greedy gains.

More than that, Cephas alleged that President Weah uses Bishop Winker’s pulpit to allegedly insult peaceful Liberians and political actors.

The UP Youth Congress called on the Liberia Council of Churches to take the matter seriously, claiming that it risks damaging and denigrating the image of all other Churches in Liberia.

The UP Youth Congress also said it hoped that the LCC president Rev. Reeves will give the communication urgent attention to avoid the imminent reputational damage that Bishop Winker is allegedly about to cause to all other Churches in the Country.

He claimed that the act is only unpatriotic, has the propensity to create more hate among citizens, and it is allegedly against the religious norms of Christian ethics.

According to the UP Youth Congress chairman, the pulpit in Christendom is a place where the voice of God is heard and the holy spirit uses the pulpit in such a way to communicate the rational Biblical message aimed at transforming lives and winning souls for the second coming of Christ.

“The Church should be a place of peace and not a medium for spewing hate messages,” Cephas added. 

“The Church should not be used for commercial purposes but rather as a place of peace and unity and organizing charitable activities. Biblically, a pastor is a faithful steward ( Titus 1:7),” he noted.


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  1. If you do not have the funds to buy foreign rice coming from the eastern bloc, eat cassava, edoes, potatoes, or fufu. Infact I am selling some of my cassava.

  2. To tamper with an Archbishop who has done a national duty to host a Thanksgiving Service for a sitting president is a judgmental inference for the persons behind this!

    Liberia has gone so low there’s no distinction of the elderly much more the clergy!

    How dare you take a curse by touching a Servant of God!

    Unity Party is history, resusciating it is putting oldwine in old bottles!

    This political nonsense of getting at national leaders who support national cause is an embodiment of the hatred!

    Who should host a Thanksgiving Service for a sitting president in Liberia? Which part of Liberia free speech is prohibited?

  3. The cornerstone of the original church of the Liberian nation is based on the separation of the church and the state. Acceptance to which this nation gathered to be found. Making reverence to the Liberian people or asking God to restore its commandery will be preferential rather than arrowed to a few members of the clergy or even the total clergy. A political issue as such should be directed to the voice of God. The Liberian people. What wonders me, is that same people who have tried to misspell this divide. We recalled when a present Council of churches President was trying to serve two masters when some were running on tickets, for high and highest levels, President, Vice President, other state positions with a canvass in the previous election, for example. We also see state top officials in the need to sifter Legislature, preaching the Gospel on pulpits during Sundays, chasing the devils on each floor and isle of the Capitol building. In the Executive branch, it is even also complicated. Serving the Church and the State at the same time and will not listen to their own family head to select one master. I guess there are some judges turning scriptural pages and seeking pallet chickens at night also. We must observe that God is jealous. 1st Timothy 3 in few sentences says, “For if ye know not how to take care of your own house, how will you take care of the Church of God? Least be lifted up with pride you fall into the condemnation of the devil.” We are lucky as believers; God gives us a will of choice as sinners. One or the other. The church or the State. Not both together. Otherwise, you will not win those votes.

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