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Bluffing with New Girlfriends or Boyfriends – Part 2

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Da me again-oh, my people. Da me Paul. Ehnyor know me? My mou’hna scared. Besides, writing da my area. You like, jacko; you na like it, Jack-o’-Lantern.

Yeah, certain things can just look stupid to me. And one of those things has to do with girls bluffing with boyfriends and boys bluffing with girlfriends. I really don’t understand why a guy would decide to bluff with a girl by calling her “new girlfriend.”

It’s funny, really. I know of a guy who is all around his community and his office bluffing with his “new girlfriend.”

Hear the story about the girl he is calling “my new girlfriend” around here. The girl was loving to four COs during the civil war. When the CO era ended, she came to Monrovia and had a lot of ECOMOG boyfriends. Her friends say that overall, considering the time she captured her first ECOMOG man to the time ECOMOG left in 1999 or so, she had about 17 ECOMOG-soldier boyfriends.  During that same period, she had other civilian boyfriends, too.Da “new” girl dere, my people?

When the ECOMOG era ended, she found an old AFL guy and she lived with him for about four years. During the same period, she had other boyfriends, too. She and the AFL boyfriend parted right after President Sirleaf took over. About one month after breaking up with the AFL guy, she found a boy whom she considered her “serious” boyfriend, and they lived together for more than six years. Don’t forget that she had other side squeezes, too. She and the new guy parted before the Twenty-Sixth celebration of this year. Da “new” girl dere?

Hear the fun, my people. Just last week, one guy that I know fell in love with her. And guess what? The guy is all over the place, telling people: “Yeah, my new girlfriend. Friends, I have a new girl. My new baby will soon be around. My new woman is beautiful.”

Is he stupid? Is he crazy? Da datkinda girl you will call “new girlfriend,” as if she is taken from the plastic?  Da kinda girl da “new girl”? Is she from the factory? New girl? Where?

The one that really made me angry was when I asked him about the girl a few days ago, and he said, “Paulo, I have a new girl. I approached the new girl last week.”

I hissed in anger and said, “The right thing to say is that you have a used girl. You approached the used girl last week. A new girl is different from a used girl, just as a new car is different from a used car. Call the girl ‘used girl.’”

He is a smart guy. He listened to me. Now, when he is introducing the girl to his friends and others, he says, “Please me my used girl.”

Just on Sunday, 5 August 2012, I saw him and his girlfriend going to church. They were well-dressed. I spoke to him and asked, “Where are you going”?

He wasted no time in telling me, “My used girlfriend and I are going to church.”

“That’s it,” I said, and went my way.
Seriously, my people, aren’t these points to ponder?

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