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Boakai replies Urey & family 

By Lincoln G. Peters

At long last Unity Party Presidential Candidate Joseph Nyumah Boakai has responded to claim of betrayal by the political leader of the All Liberian Party (ALP) Benoni Urey and his family. 

Speaking to the Voice of America on Monday, August 7, from the United States, Mr. Boakai said that he has nothing against the Urey family, but they should understand that decisions are to be made. 

“Mr. Urey and myself are still good friends. Maybe the word “good” may not be there anymore. I don’t let go friendship, I don’t overlook it. But, there are times in life that you have difference and people go their way and you can’t stop it”, he stated. 

The former Vice President clarified that he was not the one that distanced himself from Mr. Urey and his family, rather, the Urey family decided to disassociate with him.

“I was not the one who ran away from them. I made a decision that may be or not be acceptable to them. But, again, it was my right to make a decision and I made it. I don’t owe and will never owe any gross against any of them. I have reached out to them and told them over and again that I don’t hold any gross against them.” 

According to him, decisions are to be made and his decision was made and Mr. Urey and his family were informed of reasons behind the decision he (Boakai) took. 

He said the Ureys may not agree with him, but they still have time to think over it, and the decision he made was in the best interest of a way forward.

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Asked about his health, the UP Residential Candidate said his one-time confidant, Henry Costa, might be a doctor of another kind, who determines the health of people when he disclosed that the former VP was sick saying, but I am moving around and who should know about his own health other than the person himself. 

He noted that maybe Costa knows more than his medical doctor and that’s why he spoke in said manner but in spite what has transpired, Costa remains his son. 

Both Amb. Boakai and Mr. Urey were members of the disintegrated Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) along with Mr. Alexander B. Cummings and Senator Yonblee Karnga Lawrence of the divided Liberty Party, but they abandoned the Collaboration taking along Sen. Karnga Lawrence after they accused Mr. Cummings of tempering with the CPP Framework Document, an allegation they failed to substantiate in court. Editing by Jonathan Browne 

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