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Rural News

Bong Caucus Awards 400 Scholarships

The  leadership of  Bong County  recently announced the awarding of 400 scholarships to underprivileged  students  hailing from the county attending the Cuttington University  in Suakoko.

Making the disclosure  recently, the chairman of  the  Bong County Legislative Caucus Representative George Mulbah, said the scholarships are part of the county’s human  resource  development  programs initiated to ensure learning opportunities are provided citizens of the county.

He indicated that previously, a little over one hundred fifty students benefited from the scholarship scheme at the Cuttington University, but the increment was necessitated following consultation among leaders of the county as well as appeals from the student community.

Representative Mulbah, who also heads the Bong County Development Management Committee (BCDMC),  further disclosed  each  beneficiary of the  scholarship program  before being admitted  to the process  is under obligation to sign a memorandum of  understanding (MOU)  with the  county leadership, pledging to provide  services to the county at least for a year  following the completion of studies.

He said this is intended  for all those benefiting from the program to give back to the county  after they have acquired  education through  financial  assistance  from home,  which  will help in the social economic development process of not only Bong,  but the entire country.

The Bong Legislative Caucus chair however averred beneficiaries of the program  will only  remain  on the scholarship up to  graduation, provided they maintain a  GPA of  2.5  each semester as stipulated in the  MOU.

According to him, funding for the Bong County scholarship scheme is being provided through the social development fund received annually from Arcelor Mittal and China Union, two concession companies operating in Bong.

He said  with four hundred students now admitted at  Cuttington University, the county leadership is under obligation  to pay a little over  one hundred sixty eight  thousand United States  Dollars(168,000.00 USD)  each semester  to the administration  of the University.

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Besides Cuttington, Bong County students at the University of Liberia and other private universities, including AMEU, UMC, AMEUZ and BWI are also beneficiaries.

Meanwhile recent beneficiaries of the scholarship at Cuttington University have lauded the leadership of Bong for the bold step taken to absorbed huge number of students on the program.

The  over two hundred students during their formal admittance  indicated  the current leaders of the county will forever be  remembered  for their  immense  contribution towards the improvement of  education  and the human resource  development  of the county.

The students pledged to perform academically   in line with MOU signed with the county’s authorities to ensure they remain on the program and complete their studies.

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