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Isaac Jackson demands morality from CPP

Former Liberian Permanent Representative to the International Maritime Organization (IMO) Atty. Isaac W. Jackson is urging the leadership of the four Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) to be highly concerned about morality.

“You can’t potray yourselves to be the best and next alternative to the Liberian people and failing to take into consideration the issue of morality,” Atty. Jackson said over the weekend.

Addressing reporters, Atty. Jackson calls on the Ministry of Justice to get involved by investigating Mr. Mo Ali, the Secretary General of the opposition Unity Party (UP), a CPP constituent party, who is alleged to be captured in a leaked audio proposing to a young woman in her early 20s, the need to abort a pregnancy she is carrying for him.

Atty. Jackson is seeking Mr. Ali’s investigation by the Justice Ministry to save the alleged pregnant woman’s future and to also serve as a deterrence to others.

“It saddened me to see some of our friends in the Unity Party to hide the unspeakable conduct of your partisans and say it’s a personal issue,” Jackson says.

Atty. Jackson contends that even if the matter is a personal thing, there is something called personal morality, adding that Mr. Ali is having a wife and three children.

He wonders as to where is the morality for Mr. Ali to have gone out with a young woman, allegedly impregnated her and then encouraged her to remove the pregnancy.

Atty Jackson insists that such action is a crime under the Liberian law which frowns against abortion and requires an investigation for anyone who facilitates or commits abortion.

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“I wonder why up to now the MOJ hasn’t called Mr. Ali for questioning,” Jackson wonders, adding that even the license of nurse who was allegedly involved should also be revoked for alleged unethical conduct.

By Lewis S. Teh–Edited by Winston W. Parley

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