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Bong County residents demand improved healthcare system  

By Joseph Titus Yekeryan

The dire need for an improved healthcare system in Bong County has come to the forefront as the Yowee Clinic, a vital healthcare facility in the region that caters to over twenty towns and villages grapples with a critical shortage of essential drugs.

Local residents are expressing their frustrations and concerns over the difficulties they face in accessing crucial medications, highlighting the urgent need for immediate action.

The Yowee Clinic, known for its dedication to providing quality healthcare services to the residents of Bong County, has been severely impacted by the lack of essential drugs.

Just two years back it was opened. Patients seeking treatment for various ailments, ranging from malaria to common infections and typhoid are being turned away or forced to endure prolonged waits due to the scarcity of vital medications.

In a recent interview, Sarah Gbollie, a resident of Yowee Town and a regular visitor of the Clinic, shared her struggles.

“It is really bad to see that even the most basic medications are not available when we need them the most,” she lamented.

“I have been unable to obtain the necessary drugs for my child’s recurring malaria condition, forcing me to seek alternatives or travel long distances in search of treatment.”

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Ms. Gbollie’s sentiment is echoed by many others in the region who feel let down by the current state of healthcare services.

John Flomoyan, an elderly citizen of Garmue who has his family in Yowee, has also shared his experience.

“We deserve better. Our health should be a priority, and it is sad to witness the lack of essential drugs in our local clinic. This situation puts our lives at risk and hampers our ability to lead healthy lives.”

The scarcity of essential drugs at the Yowee Clinic has also had a significant impact on the local healthcare professionals, who strive to provide quality care under challenging circumstances.

One of the nurses requested anonymity and has been serving at the clinic for almost two years.

The nurse expressed frustration, stating, “As healthcare providers, we are deeply concerned about the hardships our patients face due to the lack of essential drugs.”

“It is disheartening to witness their suffering and not have the necessary resources to alleviate their pain and heal them.”

According to our Bong County correspondent, Yowee clinic is not the only health facility experiencing lack of essential drugs.

The county’s three hospitals, Phebe, Bong Mines and CB Dunbar continue to experience the same conditions.

The pressing need for an improved healthcare system in Bong County cannot be understated. Local authorities, healthcare professionals, and concerned citizens are urging the government and relevant stakeholders to address this critical issue promptly.

They are calling for increased investment in healthcare infrastructure, enhanced drug supply chains, and improved coordination between healthcare facilities to ensure the availability of essential medications throughout the region.

Efforts are underway to mobilize community support, engage with local and international organizations, and advocate for the necessary resources to bolster the healthcare system in Bong County.

It is hoped that these initiatives will prompt swift action and alleviate the hardships faced by the residents, ensuring that they have access to the medications and healthcare services they urgently need.

As the outcry for an improved healthcare system reverberates across Bong County, the fate of the Yowee Clinic and the well-being of its patients hang in the balance. 

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