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Nyenabo, Yonly booked with Fake Doctorate Degrees?

Liberia’s Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to Benelux, European Union, ACP, ICC and OPCW Isaac Wehyee Nyenabo has found himself trapped in a web of an alleged academic fraud.

According to the latest findings by the Campaigners for Academic Crimes Court (CACC), Amb. Nyenabo’s doctorate degree is fake and that the University he claimed to have graduated from does not exist.

Amb. Nyenabo is not alone in this latest academic fraud report. The head of the Liberia Institute for Public Administration (LIPA) headed by Alexander Yonly is also said to be parading with a fake doctorate degree, the CACC said.

Interestingly, LIPA is located just few kilometers from what used to be the Criminal Investigation Division (CID) headquarters in Mabam Point.

Findings on Isaac Wehyee Nyenabo

In his published CV, Amb. Nyenablo says he holds a Doctor of Philosophy PhD in Political Science and International Relations from the California Creek University. He was said to have done the studies online from 2011 to 2015 and did residency in Philadelphia at a college location for his research.

However, the CACC reported that its research into the existence of the California Creek University shows that the university has no legal existence in California, the state where it claims to be located.

“It is not accredited by any institution in the US, does not have any physical address, no authentic phone number, or authentic website. There is ABSOLUTELY NO information on who is the “university’s” president, or who are the professors. Fraudsters have two online links (this and this) bearing the name California Creek University. The links are Weebly and wix.com links, not official webpage. The links have no information about courses and programs the school offers nor information about those that manage and lead the school. The phone number (844-838-4555) on the site is in the possession of scammers asking callers to give credit card information,” CACC said in its findings.

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“Since May 27, 2015, the Better Business Bureau of the United States has been trying to reach California Creek University to gather background information including its location, leadership, documentation related to advertised professional accreditations, enrollment statistics, and substantiation of graduation rates. As of today’s date, the BBB has not been able to get anyone to respond nor has been able to find a physical location. Here is the link.” The CACC concluded.

New Dawn findings

When this paper visited the California Creek University website on Wednesday, February 22, 2023, it discovered that the last update was done in November 2016.

Further research by this paper discovered negative reviews by individuals who claimed to have fallen victims of the purported university:  

Sep 03, 2021Shawn E Elh

I Received The Degree and Can’t Use It Anywhere

I was told the School wasn’t Accredited under the Educational Board in D.C. and was Told to go another Route to Get Accredited. When I Paid in full and have submitted all my Documents

User’s recommendation: Be Careful.

Sep 27, 2020Ziad A Fky

Not recommended …spam !!!


i got the degree from this university and paid for it, ….after sometimes they contact me again asking to pay more and more it is just spam don’t waste your time with them

User’s recommendation: other schools.

Oct 22, 2019PissedConsumer1686720 of Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Scam by earlier California and now National Creek University

I applied for the masters programs in supply chain and the actual cost which was shown online was 12,000 $$ but to my surprise i received 90 – 95 % discount and i just have to pay registration fee – 300 and Tution fee – 900. Total fee – 1200 for the whole course. They called me from different no. +185******** & +58005****. I even checked there physical address on google but nothing can be found. Best thing i didnt pay them yesterday as the deal was to good to be true.

Aug 02, 2018PissedConsumer1319325 of Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates


I called the departments of education in US which have said the University is NOT accredited. And the UAE embassy, ministry of education in UAE, and other departments which “claimed” to contact me to which i recieved the shocking truth that all the money i have paid upto date has been STOLEN! as this university is a big fat SCAM!! I do NOT recommend any1 to use their services!! All those posting positive comments are probably working with this university as part of the scam! Liars and thieves!! All of them!


Efforts to get Amb. Nyenabo to respond to these findings proved unsuccessful. According to him, he needed clearance from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to speak to the New Dawn.

However, an aide to the Ambassador name withheld, said Ambassador Nyenabo actually did do an online study at the California Creek University and was awarded the degree as stated in his CV.

The aide forwarded to this paper a notarized copy of Amb. Nyenabo’s California Creek University Degree and an Apostille of the notary public in and for the District of Columbia Mr, Nasser Ahmam Abu Ghannam. With registration number 423302.

The aide explained that Amb. Nyenabo’s relationship with California Creek University ended in 2015 following the completion of his program.

“I attached (his) Five University Degrees and as international student (he) also notarized (His) foreign Degree and attached an Apostille details who notarized the document and you know that No Fake document can be notarized, most especially developed countries, like USA. (He) also visited California, Los Angeles two times in 2011 and 2013. (And) also commuted with some Universities in order to assist (him) with researches. University of Florida in 2013, Temple university in 2011 in Philadelphia. Terminal Degree is about research and critical thinking before conclusion.” The aide wrote.


St. Mary’ University of Minnesota confirmed to the CACC that Yonly attended from 01/07/2002 to 12/15/2007 and earned both a Master of Arts in Management and Human Resources Management.

The school also confirmed that Yonly took classes in its Doctor of Leadership program after the completion of his master’s but did not complete the Doctor of Education Program.  See the screenshot of email attached:

Description automatically generatedYou can cross-check CACC’s information on Yonly by contacting the Registrar’s Office:

tcregistrar@smumm.edu  or call 6127285135

Yonly number is: +231770435144


This paper contacted Yonly soliciting his response on these findings. Yonly agreed to meet with the New Dawn to provide his comments on the findings but failed to do so.

Yonly went back and forth with the New Dawn at one point promising to send his Public Relations Officer to provide the answers to the paper’s inquiry on Wednesday, February 22, but failed to honor same. A reminder call rang unanswered.

About CACC: Campaigners for Academic Crimes is a leading brand with technical and professional expertise in the conduct and facilitation of research and duly registered non[1]for-profit organization operating under the laws of Liberia.

The Campaigner for Academic Crimes Court (CACC) and the Searchlight Communications, Inc., Publisher of the New Dawn News Papers, signed a partnership agreement that sets the stage for both institutions to work together in an effort to investigate and expose holders of fake academic degrees and other academic crimes in Liberia.

The partnership will also promote academic integrity and a merit-based academic system. Ambulah Mamey, CACC’s Campaigner for Strategy and Partnership, and Martin K. N. Kollie, CACC’s Campaigner for Research and Reporting signed on behalf of the CACC while Othello Garblah, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Editor of the New Dawn Signed on behalf of the Searchlight Communications.

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