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Buttress Jeety’s effort

--Prison Administrator pleads for autonomy

Monrovia Central Prison Deputy Superintendent Mr. Joel Justin Juah has called on well-meaning Liberians and organizations to buttress Indian philanthropist Mr. Upjit Singh Sachdeva’s effort in feeding inmates.

During Mr. Sachdeva’s (Mr. Jeety’s) routine home-cooked meal distribution with inmates and less fortunate folks on Liberia’s 176th Independence Day celebration Wednesday, 26 July 2023, Juah said it’s not easy to feed the prison population.

“I [would] like to join him again to call on well-meaning Liberians, potential people, organizations, to buttress the effort of Jeety,” said Mr. Juah.

Mr. Juah noted that it’s very hard to see potential people, be it the first branch of government and well-meaning Liberians, donating to the Monrovia Central Prison.

He said the number of inmates at the Monrovia Central Prison is 1,314, adding that this figure tells that “the facility is jammed parked” and it’s not easy to feed the inmates.

Juah lamented that it’s sad for Liberia’s judicial system to have over a thousand inmates at the Monrovia Central Prison who are pre-trial detainees.

He admonished that everyone outside is a potential prisoner, saying “We don’t know our day.”

“Those that come in conflict with the law, they must be given their day in court,” he added.

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He indicated that it’s a pity that if you are accused of rape, for instance, and you are behind bars after eight court terms without being judged.

He lamented that this situation places a burden on prison administrators because they hear inmates’ concerns every time.

According to him, the court and the police are getting support, but not much attention is given to the prison system, the third component of the justice criminal system.

Juah called on the Judiciary and the Ministry of Justice to try and speed up cases so that those that are innocent can be released.

Additionally, he pleaded with President George Manneh Weah to call on the Legislature to pass an Act that seeks to make the Bureau of Corrections an autonomous agency.

Mr. Juah said the Act is languishing in the Legislature, pleading with President Weah to ensure that the Bureau becomes autonomous to alleviate most of the problems that prison management faces.

Meanwhile, Mr. Juah said the prison management is so much impressed again by Mr. Jeety and his team’s continuous support of the facility.

“This is not [the] first of its kind. Jeety has been one of our good partners. Whenever the facility is in need of basic things, we will call on Jeety,” said Mr. Juah. 

He stated that Mr. Jeety is always making it his business to be at the facility to ensure that those problems are solved.

Earlier, Mr. Jeety called on fellow businesspeople in Liberia to participate and do more in caring for inmates and less fortunate people.

The Indian businessman and philanthropist called on businesspeople across Liberia to support the less fortunate so that they can have a decent meal.

“I always say when you are outside, you have several means to fetch food; but when your freedom is curtailed, things are very difficult,” said Mr. Jeety.

He said the 176th Independence Day food package that he and his Jeety Trading Corporation team provided for each of the inmates included jollof rice with fried chicken, a soft drink, and water.

Mr. Jeety thanked his team from the Jeety Trading Corporation for their hard work and also thanked the management of the prison system for the support.

Responding to his critics’ concerns, Mr. Jeety said he involves media coverage in his feeding program for the less fortunate to inspire fellow businesspeople to make them jealous and to emulate his initiative.

He said he went to celebrate with the inmates as well as disadvantaged youth during Liberia’s 176th Independence Day to tell them that he cares for them.

Mr. Jeety and his team extended the holiday home-cooked hot meal distribution to some 700 less fortunate people on Center Street in Monrovia and about a thousand kids in Weala District, Margibi County.

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