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Can false penis impregnate?

Can falseRape suspect Marion Zorh being led to prison recently in Monrovia, A 14-year-old girl reportedly raped by a prominent female resident recently in the Monrovia suburb of Sinkor, is said to be pregnant.

The accused, Madam Marion Zorh, allegedly used false penis or dildo to sexually abuse her victim, who is also a resident of the same community. The instrument is often used by lesbians to have sexual pleasure.
She has been charged with Statutory rape by the Monrovia City Court following preliminary investigation by the Liberia National Police and subsequently detained at the Monrovia Central Prison, pending trial.

Family sources say the victim is pregnant, thus raising serious doubts and questions how this was possible. Some residents are wondering whether the 14-year-old minor had been engaged in sexual relationship with a male prior to the alleged abuse by Marion.

Family sources hinted this paper the grandfather of the victim is considering taking his granddaughter for medical test to establish the pregnancy and for how long. Debate is ongoing in the community on how the suspected pregnancy came about as there may not be a possibility that dildo, a plastic object shaped in a penis form can impregnate a woman during sexual intercourse, particularly by another female.

According to Police charge sheet, defendant Zorh was arrested following complaint filed by the father of the victim, who narrated to the Police his daughter had gone in the defendant’s room to prepare food when she (defendant Marion Zorh) offered her juice that she drank, which made her dizzy and she subsequently fell asleep.

He claimed when the victim woke up, she noticed her underclothes were soaked with blood, which led her to ask the defendant what had happened. Defendant Marion allegedly showed her two false penises and said she used it to have sexual intercourse with her, but the victim has also been quoted by the Police as saying after Marion allegedly used the false penis, she also put her (Marion’s) finger into her private part during another incident when she had gone in her room to watch movie, adding that following the incident, the defendant gave her400 Liberian dollars to buy medicine.

Police also said during preliminary investigation, Marion admitted that she had known the victim for more than a year since she (victim) moved in the compound with her parents. Rape is a capital offense that is non-bailable under the laws of Liberia, but what is unusual in this scenario is a female allegedly abusing another female sexually, which is uncommon in the Liberian society.

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 By Sally Gaye-Edited by Jonathan Browne

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