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CDC condemns Kruah’s second nomination 

By Kruah Thompson.

Supporters of the opposition Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) have condemned President Joseph Nyumah Boakai’s decision to renominate Cllr. Cooper Kruah as Labor Minister, after his first nomination was stalled.

Kruah was first nominated as Justice Minister, but he was recalled without facing Senate confirmation hearing amidst persistent accusations against him by different individuals.

A group calling itself CDC Council of Patriots (CDC-COP) said Cllrr. Kruah’s sudden transfer to Labour Ministry has raised eyebrows and prompted questions about the motives behind the decision. 

“If Cooper Kruah isn’t good to be Minister of Justice, he’s not worth to be Labor Minister,” the group suggested.

The CDC-COP in a press release over the weekend, denounced Cllr. Kruah’s reappointment. 

In a scathing statement, the opposition party’s auxiliary accused President Boakai of alleged political manoeuvring and nepotism.

The group alleged that Kruah’s transfer is a clear example of the administration’s vindictive tendencies.

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The release underscores growing discontent among CDCians about President Boakai’s governance style.

In the release, the group argued that such decisions undermine public trust and erode confidence in the government’s ability to address pressing issues facing the nation.

In response to the criticism, officials from the Boakai administration have defended the decision on local media.

They said this was done in the best interest of effective governance. Officials have emphasized the need for strategic realignment within the cabinet to ensure optimal performance and delivery of services to the Liberian people.

However, some opposition members remain skeptical about the reappointment of Kruah and the potential impact on government’s operations. 

Some have raised concerns about the broader implications for labour policy and governance in Liberia.

Meanwhile, the CDC-COP has called on the Liberian Senate to take a firm stance against such appointment, urging lawmakers to reject unfit candidates instead of engaging in clandestine negotiations.

 The organization has also highlighted alleged constitutional infractions and ethical lapses within the administration, including accusations of misappropriation of public funds and the practice of nepotism.

The CDC-COP has particularly pointed out that Vice President Jeremiah K. Koung reportedly travelled via a private jet at the expense of taxpayers.

“Mr. Jeremiah K. Koung’s justification for [flying on] a Private Jet is a Violation of the Constitution of Liberia Article 90 (b) and Section 9.1 of the Code of Conduct of Liberia and we call on the 55th Legislature to take appropriate action to this calculated violation of our organic laws,” the CDC auxiliary group said.

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