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Chief Justice frowns on Judge’s unusual conduct

By Lincoln G. Peters 

Liberia’s Chief Justice Francis S. Korkpor, Sr., says it is strange and very unusual for a judge to make claims through the media.

He explained that Judge Sikijipo A. Wollor’s contentions for not being given two separate fees for serving two judicial assignments.

“It is strange and very unusual for a judge to talk to the media. In keeping with the [Judicial] Canon, judges are not to do rebuttal or newspaper publications,” said Chief Justice Korkpor at the opening of the November 2021 Term of Court for Criminal Courts A, B, C, and D Monday, 8 November 2021.

He said the amount in question is a relocation fee provided for a judge when he or she is taken from their Circuit and assigned to another, adding that the money is intended to help the judge get adjusted in a new place for two or three weeks.

He maintained that judges have the right to express themselves but it must be done through proper channels or through an opinion delivered.

“This judge that I am making reference to is saying that I assigned him to two circuits and therefore he should receive two relocation fees. This is something I have never heard before,” Chief Justice Korkpor said.

It can be recalled that Criminal Court ”D” Judge Sikijipo A. Wollor complained that Chief Justice KorKpor failed to pay his resettlement and restitution benefits for two court terms, saying it was a violation of his human and constitutional rights.

 Judge Wollor said he has served two terms of court without receiving his resettlement and restitution benefits from the Judiciary.

According to him, he has engaged Chief Justice Korkpor and the Associate Justices of the Supreme Court, but they have refused to hear his concerns.

According to Judge Wollor, even his assigned driver has not been paid by the Judiciary. He noted that he personally paid his driver from 2019 up to the present as the Personnel Department has not been able to place the driver on the Judiciary’s official payroll.

Meanwhile, assigned Criminal Court “C” Judge T. Ciapha Carey has admonished his colleagues at the opening of the court that the challenges they face should not be reasons for them to engage in acts that undermine the integrity of the courts.

Judge Carey also reminded his colleagues that the office of the Judge is to interpret the law and not to make law.

“The office of a judge is not to render advisory opinions but to hear cases and render judgment in the form of an opinion and as such, judgment must be impartial and independent,’’ Judge Carey noted.

He said judgment should not be for sale or delayed. According to him, they will maintain the independence of the office of the judge.–Edited by Winston W. Parley


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