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Chief Justice rotates magistrates

Liberia’s Chief Justice Mr. Francis S. Korkpor, Sr., has made a largerotation of magistrates at magisterial courts in Montserrado and BongCounties which will take effect November 1 this year in furtherance of efficiency within the Judicial Branch of Government.

The Chief Justice urged the appointed magistrates to perform theirduties with diligence and commitment to the rule of law and theadministration of Justice. The rotation of Magistrates is a periodic routine executed by HisHonor the Chief Justice to enhance efficiency within the JudiciaryBranch of Government.

A judicial press release issued on Monday, 24 October says ChiefJustice Korkpor has reassigned Magistrate J. Kennedy Peabody asStipendiary Magistrate to Monrovia City Court which he currently headsat the Temple of Justice.

The Chief Justice has also assigned Magistrates Eric N. Cooper of thePaynesville Magisterial Court and Edwin K. Gayflor of the BensonvilleMagisterial Court as Associate Magistrates at the Monrovia City Court.

Magistrate James B. Cooper from the Bushrod Island Magisterial Courthas been assigned as Stipendiary Magistrate at the PaynesvilleMagisterial Court, while Magistrate James S. Nyumah from theBrewerville Magisterial Court and Magistrate Stephen K. Barchue fromthe West Point Magisterial Court have been assigned as AssociateMagistrates at the Paynesville Magisterial Court.

At the Bushrod Island Magisterial Court, Magistrate James F. Dudu hasbeen assigned there as Acting Stipendiary Magistrate, effecting histransfer from the Brewerville Magisterial Court, while Magistrate Timothy A.F. Worries now leaves the West Point Magisterial Court totake up a new assignment at the Bushrod Island Magisterial Court asAssociate Magistrate.

Chief Justice Korkpor has has further reassigned Magistrate E. FlomoB. Bona as Stipendiary Magistrate of the West Point MagisterialCourt; and Magistrates Ezekiel G. Kun from the Clay AshlandMagisterial Court and Daniel P. Charles, II, from the GardnesvilleMagisterial Court take up new assignments at the West Point Magisterial Court as Associate Magistrates.

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In Brewerville, the Chief Justice Magistrate John L. Griggs is to nowserve as Acting Stipendiary Magistrate, leaving the Monrovia CityCourt and while Magistrate Peter Faryen leaves the Bushrod IslandMagisterial Court for a new assignment at the Brewerville MagisterialCourt as Associate Magistrate.

Magistrate Quincy A. Q. Garnett leaves the Clay Ashland MagisterialCourt for a new assignment to the Bensonville Magisterial Court asActing Stipendiary Magistrate, while Magistrate Mark S. Saah remains at the Bensonville Magisterial Court as Associate Magistrate.

Magistrate TwehWesseh from the Clay Ashland Magisterial Court is nowassigned to the Gardnesville Magisterial Court as StipendiaryMagistrate while Magistrate Ziazay K. Forkpa from the Paynesville Magisterial Court also goes to the Gardnesville Magisterial Court asAssociate Magistrate.

Magistrate Joseph R. Watson from the Monrovia City Court is nowassigned as Acting Stipendiary Magistrate at the Clay Ashland whileMagistrate J. Winston Gee leaves the Bushrod Island Magisterial Courtfor assignment at the Clay Ashland Magisterial Court as AssociateMagistrate.

Magistrate Francis Fayiah retains his assignment as StipendiaryMagistrate at the Careysburg Magisterial Court. Meanwhile, the Chief Justice has appointed Att. William G. Capehart asacting Stipendiary Magistrate at the Gbarnga City Magisterial Courtwhile His Magistrate George Wokpeh of the Salala Magisterial Court goes as Associate Magistrate at the Gbarnga City Magisterial Court inBong County.

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