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Clergyman Bimba joins race for presidency

By Lewis S Teh

A Liberian clergy Apostle James M. Bimba from the Free Pentecostal Global Church has announced his intention to contest for the presidency as an independent candidate in 2023.

Speaking to reporters over the weekend, he said forming political allegiances to unseat the ruling CDC is waste of time, and an attempt to put old wine in a new bottle, vowing that he will contest as an independent candidate to avoid a lot of enemies and save his image.

Apostle Bimba, also an agriculturist, narrates that following series of consultations with family members and friends, and understanding the nation’s problems, he is resolved to contest for the highest seat in the land come 2023.

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He says his reason for wanting to contest as an independent, is also because he does not want to be looked at as an enemy to any of his counterparts. 

According to him, his quest for the presidency dates far back to 2005 and is driven by the continued refusal of the CDC-led government to accept recommendations from people in the private sector.

He notes that government alone can’t do all by itself saying, those out of the governing have sufficient ideas, and can proffer lasting solutions than people in government.

He says his platform aims at moving Liberia to another level to get om par with other countries in Africa and Europe.

The clergyman names Agriculture, Education, Healthcare delivery, Transparency and Accountability, and Road Connectivity, among others as some pillows of his platform.

Speaking further, Apostle Bimba reveals that if the Liberian people repose confidence in him, and elect him as President, he would ensure that every government official including himself will not squander public funds and go with impunity.

“If the Liberian people give me the opportunity and elect me as their  President”, he vows, “I will ensure that all business transactions will be done in  Liberian dollar currency which will give value to the local currency and improve the economy.”

Bimba says Agriculture under his leadership will make Liberia an independent nation, because it will reduce the culture of importation of the country’s staple food rice, and foreign investors will explore the economy without any dread of oppression and harassment from public officials.

He also promises to uphold freedom of speech and the press, if elected, and to fulfill promises during election, while providing an opportunity to the international community to observe his policies.

Apostle Bimba expresses optimism that his fellow clergymen and Liberians generally will join him in making his dream to create a better Liberia a reality by rallying around him to win the presidency.

The 74-year-old farmer and religious educator says, his experience and connection both at home and abroad will enable him to explore foreign opportunities for Liberia, and his government will work closely with the United States of America as its sole collaborator.

Disclosing plans for the young people of Liberia, mainly disadvantaged youth, Bimba notes that as part of his manifesto, recreational programs will be structured across the country, including prison centers that will transform and preserve the future generation.

He urges Liberians to elect leaders that have integrity, clean records and fear for God.

 President George M. Weah and his governing Coalition for Democratic Change government will have to do more to maintain the confidence of Liberians in his quest to retain state power come 2023.

The Weah-led government has come under huge criticism from the opposition bloc and the public for poorly handling the affairs of state, thereby leaving thousands of citizens to go to bed on empty stomachss, while his officials line the pockets with public money and go with impunity. Editing by Jonathan Browne


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