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Commissioner cautions against electoral violence

Ahead of the 2017 Presidential and Representative elections, West Point Township Commissioner Sampson Nyan has urged young people in the district to do away with what he referred to as electoral violence in the country.

Commissioner cautions against

Commissioner Nyan described electoral violence as a recipe to disturb more than ten years of peace enjoyed by Liberians following fourteen years of civil conflict. “Let’s look back and see; this act put us in a complete negative direction as a country; why our neighboring countries were moving forward, we were here engaging in serious destruction of properties that affect us today,” he added.

“if we must see Liberia gain ground and bounce back, there is a need for young people in the country to do away with violence, because violence bring destruction, backwardness and even causes the country not be developed.”

The West Point Township Commissioner made the remarks recently when he spoke to journalists in Monrovia. Mr. Nyan noted that Liberia is one hundred sixty nine years old and not many to point to as development, saying only little has been achieved.

He further admonished the young people of Liberia to see themselves as leaders-in-waiting, saying that can only happen when they decide to have a one thought… and that is to work together for the common good of the country.

Commissioner Nyan further warned young people against allowing themselves to be used by politicians who just seek votes. He noted that such politicians are the same people in the habit of
destabilizing the country’s peace by making use of the ignorance of young people.

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“If you notice, most of our politicians these days only come to our district, country and communities during political times, and if they lose in the process or win, you will never find them around until the next political season,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Commissioner of the township of WestPoint has disclosed that the people of WestPoint remain committed to the rule of law and have no cause to undermine the hard-earned peace every citizen enjoys.

“We will not sit and allowed others to tarnish the reputation of the residents who are living in this district; there is violence in every sector of the country, including every community, but that shouldn’t be restricted to WestPoint alone. we all are concerned about this issues of violence in our society, and that is what we as leaders must work to ensure that young people who are the future leaders of this country desist from violence,” said Commissioner Nyan.

By; Lewis S. Teh

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