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CORSAL rallies Liberians against President Weah’s Executive Order

By Lincoln G. Peters

The Consortium of Rubber Sector Actors of Liberia (CORSAL) is rallying Liberians against President George Manneh Weah’s Executive Order banning the exportation of unprocessed rubber.

Addressing a major press conference Wednesday, 10 January 2024, CORSAL chairperson Mr. Lafia C. Kaba said the executive order is a heartless policy intended to suppress the suffering masses.

“As struggling rubber farmers, without support from the government, we have laboured … so hard to improve our lives and will not allow a government already on life support to carelessly mutilate our economic lifeline,” said Mr. Kaba. 

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“We want to use this occasion to call on all well-meaning Liberians to join us in the struggle to oppose President Weah and his government’s wicked Executive Order # 124 that seeks to suppress already suffering masses,’’ he urged.

He claimed that the Executive Order grossly infringes on the fundamental rights to survival and decent livelihood of actors of the rubber industry of Liberia in particular and Liberians in general.

He indicated that CORSAL will stop at nothing but would ensure that the rubber farmers, many of whom are local and rural dwellers, get a fair share of their hard labour.

According to him, they declare Section 9 of the Executive Order as completely heartless, and extremely dreadful as it grossly violates Chapter 2, Article 8 of the 1986 Constitution.

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He argued that the Constitution provides that “The Republic shall direct its policy towards ensuring for all citizens, without discrimination, opportunities for employment and livelihood under just and humane conditions, and towards promoting safety, health and welfare facilities in employment.”

Mr. Kaba urged that the rubber sector of Liberia must be left alone to operate on the basis of “WILLING SELLER and WILLING BUYER,” something he believes will greatly help to improve the lives of the rubber sector actors and their families and Liberians in general.

“For President Weah to institute an action through the wicked Executive Order to deprive and deny economically struggling Liberians the opportunities for improved and better livelihood is indeed unimaginable,” he continued. 

“Another important point that is worth mentioning is the fact that Executive Order No 124 gives way to a reduction in the government’s revenue collection,” he stated.

He said truckers who transport rubber between and among actors buy huge quantities of fuel to facilitate the movement of their trucks. 

“The more they move the unprocessed rubber and consume fuel, the more they contribute to the road fund and also increase sales at filling stations,” he argued.

According to him, APM Terminals along with the National Port Authority charge USD250.00 per 20-foot container as handling charges on export, excluding storage.

He said the volume of exports has dropped drastically because of this ban.

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