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Court seeks Chinese interpreter

–In Cllr. Johnny Momoh and fiancee’s domestic violence case

By Lincoln G. Peters 

The Brewerville Magisterial Court in Montserrado County has instructed the Minister of Justice to provide an interpreter in the domestic violence case between renowned Liberian lawyer Cllr. Johnny Momoh and his fiancée, Ms. Marie Nallon.

The court requested the interpreter after Ms. Nallon provided to the court for admittance into evidence, several documents that include her travel documents for a trip to China. 

Others presented Tuesday, July 4 were her business transaction documents.

The defense lawyers, however, objected to some of those documents being admitted into evidence, they contended that the instruments were written in Chinese, a foreign language here.

Nallon and Cllr. Momoh are in court after she accused the lawyer of allegedly violating womanhood.

She provided video footage to the Brewerville City Court Stipendiary Magistrates against Cllr. Momoh’s alleged action Wednesday, 21 June 2023 during a hearing.

According to Ms. Nallon, Cllr. Momoh is seen publicly disgracing her before her son who had come to Liberia for the first time after fifteen years.

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During a hearing Tuesday, Magistrate Ernest F. B. Bana said they are requesting the Minister of Foreign Affairs to provide an interpreter to explain some Chinese language written on a document which is to form part of the prosecution’s evidence.

Meanwhile, Magistrate Bana admitted into evidence several other documents submitted by the witness which are written in English. 

“These documents are readable and explainable. Therefore, admit them,” the court said.

Based on the court’s request for a foreign interpreter, the prosecution asked the court for a continuance of the trial. 

Earlier, the defense had resisted the admittance of the instruments, particularly the ones written in Chinese.

“We resist the admittance and marking of those 42 documents written [in] foreign language, particularly Chinese to be admitted into evidence,” the defense said. 

“This is contrary to our law and practice. Therefore, we urge that this court provides an interpreter to explain the character on those receipts and plane ticket,” the defense stated. 

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