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Motorbikes Riders and Traffic Regulations

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Unlike other developed countries where Motorbike Riders adhere to traffic regulations, the situation is quite the opposite in Liberia. It appears that Riders in Monrovia are unaware of some basic skills that Motor Bike riders must be aware of before taking to the streets.


In most countries, including developing countries, Motor bike riders know that the best way to assume control riding on the motorcycle is to create space. The breathing room in traffic helps Motor bike riders successfully maneuver in traffic; it helps for quick reaction and narrow escapes, and also essential for observing the road in front. That’s because, like motor vehicle riders, the more you see, the more you can predict.

Lane splitting by Motorbike Riders, that is the act of moving between cars to the front of traffic, sparks all types of anger from motorists, motorists are even more furious at Bike Riders for scratching their cars, destroying view mirror, and other damages and then speeding off.

In addition, to destroying vehicles, and causing accidents, most motor vehicle drivers and pedestrians are concerned about traffic regulations violated by motor bike riders that result to accidents. 

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