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CSA demands government employees’ regularization 

The CSA has imposed a ninety-day grace period allowing all government spending entities to furnish a comprehensive personnel listing as a prerequisite for processing each employee’s personnel Action Notice (PAN).

By Kruah Thompson

Monrovia, April 5, 2024: Liberia’s Civil Service Agency (CSA) is demanding that the government’s spending entities ensure that the status of employees who were added to their payrolls between July 2019 and December 2023 is regularized.

To do this, the CSA has ordered spending entities to work with their respective Human Resource Directors to proceed to the CSA and process their employees’ Personnel Action Notices (PAN).

Speaking at a press conference in Monrovia on Thursday, 4 March 2024, CSA Director General Josiah Joekai urged spending entities to adhere to the 90-day timeline. 

The directive is in adherence to the Civil Service Act, the Civil Standing Order of 2012, and the Revised Human Resource Policy.

Mr. Joekai emphasized the importance of coordination between Human Resource Directors and CSA corresponding analysts to address these issues effectively.

Director General Joekai assured that the CSA has a specialized team to handle the influx of PAN proceedings within its Employment Service Division.

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He disclosed the existence of established guidelines and procedures for issuing, maintaining, and updating PANs for civil servants.

The CSA chief recalled that on 16 February 2024, the CSA, under the leadership of Mr. Alfred Drosaye, then Officer-in-Charge, temporarily froze select human resource operations in collaboration with the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning. 

This measure aimed at maintaining order in staff movements, especially amid the transition period.

Director General Joekai announced the lifting of the freeze for direct replacements only. New hires and transfers remain frozen pending the outcome of the General Auditing Commission’s Payroll Compliance Audit.

“We will not lift the entire freeze, but today, we are lifting the freeze only for direct replacement. The freeze on new hires and transfers will be lifted after the General Auditing Commission (GAC) conducts the Payroll Compliance Audit,” said Joekai.

He emphasized that, as stipulated in the Civil Service Standing Orders, all human resource movements, except for direct replacements, must receive the Director-General’s approval before implementation.

Moreover, Director General Joekai outlined ongoing actions taken by the CSA as part of the payroll clean-up process. These actions include processing direct replacements and reinstatements and addressing new hires made in violation of Presidential Directives.

Director General Joekai emphasized the importance of adherence to attendance reporting requirements, as outlined in the Civil Service Standing Orders. He warned that the CSA would hold Human Resource Directors accountable for non-compliance.

In conclusion, Director General Joekai reaffirmed the CSA’s commitment to transparency, accountability, and good governance in public finance management. He underscored the CSA’s dedication to civil service reform efforts to address critical issues and improve performance and productivity.

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